149 thoughts on “I Visited Burzynski’s Clinic Last Week – And I Do NOT Believe He Is A Quack!

  1. Also, interestingly, conventional hospitals and Drs are forgiven when people die. After years of chemotherapy and outrageous insurance claims, people are dying all day long from cancer. But if Dr Burzynski’s patients die, well then, he’s a scammer and an evil money hungry person and his therapy doesn’t work. He has to have 100% success rate and treat his patients for free (or at least make just enough money to live in the basement)? If only American hospitals and Drs were held to the same standard. It’s ridiculous.

  2. People are finding Burzynski scam and such because the FDA who tried to put this man in prison for 300 years, yes I said 300 years, are trying to discredit him because he brought to the forefront the fact that the FDA gets kickbacks from big pharma and does not have the peoples’ best interest in mind. The FDA couldn’t care less if people live or die. Watch the movie “Cut,Poison,Burn” for yoursel and you will see what the FDA has really been up to….Dr. Burzynski has more brains in his pinky than all of the FDA members combined. They don’t want people to know that they are happily poisoning people, killing them with chemo, which can also cause cancers. When an autopsy says death was from chronic chemotherapy poisoning that tells me all I need to know. Chemo is a killer in itself.

    1. I’m sure fda gets kick back from drug and food companies. If they introduce the cure who will be buying the drugs? Bad food cause illness and drug companies sell drugs

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