Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), Dr Bihari, And The Usefulness Of This Treatment For Autoimmune Diseases And Cancer

We talked about Dr Berkson’s use of low dose naltrexone and alpha-lipoic acid to treat autoimmune diseases and some cancers in a previous post, and the credit for integrating the two protocols undoubtedly goes to Dr Berkson. http://thatcrazypharmacist.com/?p=446 

But, I don’t think I did justice to the use of low dose naltrexone by itself for the treatment of cancers and many different maladies and autoimmune disorders – or to the person who is credited with the discovery of the utility of low dose naltrexone – Dr Bernard Bihari, MD.

As far as I can tell, the gold standard web site on this topic is  http://ldninfo.org/ .

I won’t even try to provide the information and links you can find there. In fact, I’m still clicking and reading what is posted there myself.

You can read an interview with Dr Bihari at this web address – http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/gazorpa/interview.html . There is some other useful information at this site.

I’m simply acting as a data integrator and provider in this post. In addition to the sites I’ve provided there are numerous sites discussing the utility of this treatment strategy for specific illnesses. Just do a web search and settle in for some facinating reading.

I am not an expert in any way, but I have developed a strong belief that low dose naltrexone is quite probably a valuable therapy that might work for some autoimmune and cancer patients. At the very least, it’s a treatment that appears to carry very little risk, is easy to try, and is extremely low cost – especially if you can get a pharmacist to teach you how to make your own capsules.

(Don’t try to make the capsules for yourself without some training. Uniformity of capsule content and dose per capsule is critically important for this application. If you screw it up the protocol won’t work. That said, it’s not hard to make the doses, you just need someone to show you how a pharmacist would do it.)

The major side effect that I’ve personally observed is sleep disruption or insomnia. I assure you this side effect is very real for some people.

As always, talk about this option with your Physician and educate him/her using the materials you can get to from this site to convince her/him to help you give it a try. Don’t start a new medicine or change your medication regimen without talking it over with your physician.

I’m a Pharmacist providing you information you might find useful. Your Physician is the person you must rely upon for deciding whether this information is applicable to you or not.

Heck, we all know I’m crazy as a loon!

18 thoughts on “Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), Dr Bihari, And The Usefulness Of This Treatment For Autoimmune Diseases And Cancer

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    1. Had forgotten the seaortnin aspect. And also it probably didn’t help that I quit the Entocort so abruptly. As to pharma, and big pharma, I’m really thankful that I think outside the box. The doctors hate it of course. In 1992 I was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis by a very respected and tenured ENT who did surgery biopsy was negative for Wegener’s but, well, he thought I had it anyway. IOW he was too lazy to look any further, and so referred me to a rheum. who put me on Septra DS for THREE years. Until I told my then HMO that I didn’t have this disease and wanted a diagnosis from Duke. I didn’t have it. But is it any wonder that in 2002 I was in hospital with an IBD? My point being that my GI, though he’s a very nice human, will not be around in 5-10-15 years to care about all the horrific side effects of steroids on my body. In fact he doesn’t acknowledge any connection NOW with side effects that are likely from high dose prednisone in 2002. As to the constipation I don’t even know what that would be like. A happy medium would be nice, wouldn’t it?

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for all your work on these topics. I really appreciate it. I am an Engineer by trade and deal extensively with test data to prove ‘effects’ for a living though not in the biological field… But, I have a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology as well which enhances my interest in this field of inquiry. Much like your story told which you recently discussed with Patrick in (2014?) … I have similarly found out (a couple of weeks ago) that my wife was diagnosed with Ovarian Stage 1C Cancer after a round of shock and awe surgery necessary to remove a benign fibroid cyst that had (Thankfully!!) just a few weeks before begun to grow out of control.

    She is 57. Cancer Histology Mixed Epithelial : 20% Clear Cell, 80% Serous, located only on left ovary, washings positive, all other oncology staging negative. She’s healing from the surgical cuts and in the mean time I have become a Tasmanian Devil of research….

    I found this research info and wondered what your pharmaceutical thoughts might be on the combination of NAC with Tempol? Although this discusses BRAC1 (and I do not know her genetic type and am not sure how important this is (thoughts?), she is natively from Peru) I can’t tell if the treatment is specific only for this genetic marker. I’d be surprised if it was.

    “BRCA1 mutations drive oxidative stress and glycolysis in the tumor microenvironment” at: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3552923/

    “Importantly, treatment with powerful antioxidants, such as NAC and Tempol, induces apoptosis in HCC1937 cells, suggesting that micro environmental oxidative stress supports cancer cell survival.”

    ” In summary, loss of BRCA1 function leads to hydrogen peroxide generation in both epithelial breast cancer cells and neighboring stromal fibroblasts, and promotes the onset of a reactive glycolytic stroma, with increased MCT4 and decreased Cav-1 expression. Importantly, these metabolic changes can be reversed by antioxidants, which potently induce cancer cell death.”


  3. Funny, I also posted an artlcie today where I used the quote correlation does not imply causation .I do not know what XMRV will eventually mean to ME/CFS the jury is still out, but the original paper by WPI is probably the most hyped science paper ever. Which I don’t consider to be a good thing. Science in general could use some more attention. ME/CFS deserves better research, science based research, and attention. Not the wishy washy psychobabble. But hype? No.Having a background in exact science I have a lot of questions regarding the research on ME/CFS and the way patients are treated (GET, CBT, between the ears, problems with disability, ), but the controversy surrounding the new studies and the conspiracy theories it spawned just turned me off. I decided I needed some time off, away from Facebook.TAM looks like fun, enjoy yourself. The London line-up for October looks very tempting with Alan Moore, Cory Doctorow and Stephen Fry and James Randi & Richard Dawkins of course.

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