Aspirin and Breast Cancer 

The BEST Natural Compounds for Cancer Therapy Book I’ve Found

Can Ginger Cure or Slow Down Ovarian and other Cancers?

Recipe For ‘Catherine’s Potent Ginger Concoction’

An Aspirin a Day Can Improve Non-Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Survival Rates by 30% 

CoEnzyme Q10 – Should You Be Taking It?

The Gerson Therapy – Was Doctor Gerson A Quack?

Neulasta and gCSF Receptor Stimulation

Gerson Again – Convergence With Others’ Claims and Theories

DCA (Dichloroacetate) and Cancer – Thoughts and Update

Flu Shots – Set Up For Pandemic Death? Try FluMist™ Instead.

Taking Iodine Supplements to Improve Your Health and Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer? Is That Crazy or What?

‘Cancer Salves’ – A Book About Non-Traditional Cancer Treatment Options Very Few Have Heard About

Aspirin and NSAIDs Appear To Reduce the Progression of Barrett’s Esophagitis to Cancer

Does Acetaminophen (aka ‘Tylenol’) Increase Cancer Risks?

Proposed Mechanisms For Aspirin and Other NSAIDs Reduction of Cancer Risk

Vitamin D Lowers the Risk of Getting Influenza A and Asthma Attacks?

Curcumin – Using Whole Root Tumeric As A Source

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids – A Recipe for An Affordable Organic Non-Fish Source

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Protocols Should Include An Aromatase Inhibitor

Medical Marijuana Probably Works? Are You NUTS?

Medical Marijuana – Just Another Excuse To Get Stoned?

Prostate Cancer Death Rates Cut By 50% By Aspirin and Other Anticoagulant Medications Use?

Aspirin Reduces Breast Cancer Occurence By Acting As An Aromatase Inhibitor?

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), Dr Bihari, And The Usefulness Of This Treatment For Autoimmune Diseases And Cancer

Ancient Spices – Would YOU Wage A War For Something That Only Smelled Or Tasted Good?

Metastasis To The Brain? Breast Or Ovarian Cancer? Other Cancers? Read This.

Catherine’s Protocol

Cancer Treatment Using Low Dose Naltrexone and Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Is It Possible That Aspirin, NSAIDS and COX2 Inhibitors Can Be Used To Treat Cancers?

New Age Biomed – Dr John Boik

More Low Dose Naltrexone Info – For Kristal

Results of Screening of Medicinal Herbs for Tumoricidal Properties

Frankincense Extracts and Cancer Treatment Revisited

DCA (Dichloroacetate) – Theories About How It Works To Treat Cancer From The Michelakis Team

Dr Burzynski’s Antineoplastons… A Treatment Option Cancer Patients Should Know About

Coffee Enemas…. Crazy? Maybe Not.

Is Acetaminophen Causing Our Autism Epidemic?

Are Many Ovarian Cancers (Especially Post-Menopausal) Driven By Male Hormones???

Emanuel Revici’s Book – ‘Research in Physiopathology As Basis of Guided Chemotherapy – With Special Application To Cancer’

I Visited Burzynski’s Clinic Last Week – And I Do NOT Believe He Is A Quack!

One Last Burzynski Post

Flu Season Again – And The Never Ending Flu Shot Debate Continues










































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