Metastasis To The Brain? Breast Or Ovarian Cancer? Other Cancers? Read This.

As part of an effort to find a solution for a patient whose Ovarian Cancer had metastasized to her brain I reached out to a person who I believe has an extremely comprehensive and global knowledge of current and historical uses of herbal and non-traditional approaches for treating illnesses.

Her name is Ingrid Naiman.

She has many websites covering a multitude of topics, all of which I find interesting, and it is my understanding that she also has been granted multiple doctorate degrees.

When she speaks I listen very carefully, and I then try to translate what she has said into the language of the pharmacist so I can understand and use the information.

I asked her if she was aware of anything that had actually worked to help patients with Ovarian Cancer brain metastasis.

She replied with a comprehensive e-mail, but the bottom line can be found at this web address.

There she talks about the results of physicians’ and healers’ use of Boswellia serrata (indian frankincense) for the treatment of metastatic brain cancers.

She also provides a link to the website of a Physician who has experience with this application – Dr Dana Flavin-Koenig.

Dr Koenig had previously provided a link to a video interview with a patient who had had breast cancer metastasis to her brain, and who appeared to have had a complete remission after treatment with Boswellia extract capsules.

But, that link is no longer active.

However, the treatment parameters and results of this treatment were detailed in a journal article.

You can find a short excerpt from that article, and a link to the journal it was published in so you can buy a copy, at this location…. .

I’ve read the article, but don’t think it is worth buying for the general population.

The article defines the dose of Boswellia that the patients were taking. I have reviewed the article and my notes from a conversation with Dr Flavin-Koenig (she actually goes by Dr Flavin), and the most important thing to note is that the dosing is based on boswellic acid content, not total raw Boswellia powder. So, if you want to try it read the label carefully and adjust the number of capsules you take to achieve the same milligram dose of boswellic acids that the patient in the study took.

Look for the term ‘Standardized Extract’, and the highest boswellic acids content you can get.

I will warn you that the way the different companies express their products’ composition is extremely confusing. You can find some explanatory information at in particular, and at in general.

When asked, I have recommended these two products and three times a day with food doses. (two tablets three times a day) (four capsules three times a day)

I prefer the first product, it seems to upset the patients’ stomachs less, but remind you that these products’ contents are totally dependent on the integrity of the manufacturer. These two suppliers are believed to be reliable… but I can’t personally guarantee their contents.

I share this information because I am convinced that it might save the lives of patients. It will not work for all. But it seems to be a pretty low risk and high reward potential thing to try when the docs tell you there is nothing else they can do for you – or, before that time.

Just make sure that your physician knows what you’re doing and is involved in monitoring your physical health and well being. Do not try to go around your doctor’s advice and guidance, but make sure he/she is educated enough to provide guidance before you give up.

Doctors are people too, and they are hard pressed to keep up with the things deluging them in the mainstream, let alone what might be being proposed by crazy pharmacists and physicians who are trying to find alternative options that might help them extend their patients’ lives.

Remember, I’m as crazy as a loon. Just a Pharmacist, not a Physician. You should ALWAYS keep your physician involved in your medication regimen, and never change, stop or start a new medication without her/his knowledge and support.

Pharmacists Pharmacist, Physicians Physician, Oncologists Oncologist, and Cancer Patients pray for a breakthrough every night.

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  1. My mom is a breast cancer patient with brain metastasis. I am gonna try this immediately. Moreover we live in India. But we never heard of the herb. I wish to learn more from you. Hope I can contact you.

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  3. Thank you friends. It means a lot to me, truly! You don’t razilee how much the support means until the chips are down and you are unable to say a prayer or think straight to say one “right”. Do you know what I mean? Out of whack.Hugs to you all.

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