Curcumin – Using Whole Root Tumeric As A Source

Curcumin is known to exert strong restraining effects on cancer cells.

But it is notoriously hard to get absorbed into your system.

I do not believe in the capsule and tablet supplements. There is just too much opportunity to screw it up. I am also a strong believer in using whole root extracts when possible.

So, here’s a recipe for an oil blended tumeric product that will provide an economic source of curcumin that should be more bioavailable.

Get yourself a piece of raw tumeric root. You will be able to find it at your grocery store. If not, find an asian grocery store.

Vigorously rinse it off  to get everything off of it – twice. Peel it. Then dip it in a strong salt bath for a few minutes.

Now, grind it up in a little extra virgin olive oil – enough to cover the tumeric completely.

BE CAREFUL! Tumeric will stain everything it comes in touch with a brilliant orange color. I’m not kidding.

Once you’ve ground it up with the extra virgin olive oil and then transfer it to a glass container.

Add a little to your soups, stir fry meals, etc… The oil makes it much more palatable – and increases the absorbtion once you eat it.

Store it in the refrigerator. Don’t make more than a few days worth at a time. If you made too much freeze the extra.

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