I Visited Burzynski’s Clinic Last Week – And I Do NOT Believe He Is A Quack!

My wife and I drove a total of 36+ hours to and from Houston over a 3 day period the week after July 4th to have her case reviewed by the doctors at Dr. Burzynski’s clinic.

Additionally, I had to endure – as I’m sure you might have to if you decide to go there – the strident criticisms of family members who are convinced that Dr. Burzynski’s treatments are a scam. Their reasons for believing this to be the case? Their extensive and highly technical review of google search results for the topic ‘Burzynski Scam’, or something like that. I’m sure their intentions are good, but the only way I know of to find out whether something is credible or not is to go see it yourself.

Anyway, we did visit the clinic. We did pay the money you have to pay to see the docs. We did see the docs. We did NOT get to start treatments – but not because I am not convinced that Dr. Burzynski’s Antineoplaston therapies don’t work. I simply couldn’t afford it at the time. Although they’ll submit your expenses to the insurance company, they’re pretty much a pay as you go enterprise – and you will need a lot of cash to get through their protocol.

So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself… what did you see and what do you think about what you saw.

First… I want to go on record saying that I firmly believe that Dr. Burzynski’s treatments work for a significant number of the patients who get treated. I say this based on a gestalt of impressions formed while going through the process of seeing the docs, listening to people talk to each other in the waiting room and in the lobby, the discussion we had with Dr. Burzynski, and the results of my review of numerous journal articles and patents authored by Dr. Burzynski and members of his team.

And the story I overheard from a patient who has been being treated for around a year for extensively metastasized prostate cancer – and who has only one ‘small’ lesion left – is a hard thing to ignore. He was so excited, and definately a patient. He got weighed just before my wife did.

We met with Dr. Burzynski’s son (an extremely personable physician) and an oncologist (Dr Yi) whom I was quite impressed with. He knew my wife’s case in great detail. After we talked, they left and discussed the case with Dr Burzynski. Then they came back into the room to talk about options and opinions. During this discussion they asked to have previous biopsy samples sent to a university for genomic mapping. They also wanted to get a PET scan done and planned to start her on their oral medication to see if it worked for her. (Note: you can’t receive the IV formulations unless the FDA approves your entry into one of Dr. Burzynski’s Clinical Trials.)

OK, yes… money is a central theme going in and coming out of the session with the docs. The office is kind of a money collection machine. But, I’m pragmatic about that. They don’t let you see a doc or get tests at your neighborhood hospital either unless you can produce what are essentially guaranteed funds.

I left frustrated, discouraged and angry that the treatments are not mainstream and easily covered by insurance – but resolved to work on the problem of getting my wife antineoplaston therapy.

The facility was nice. The people were nice and appeared to be competent. The equipment that the blog that my son showed me had complained about was equivalent to the equipment that they use at the hospital I work at. Not fancy, but definately adequate and definately not obsolete.

And then there was Dr. Burzynski…. He has obviously seen a lot of cancer patients come through his doors. It seems to me that he has seen many pass away, and has seen many live. His ice blue eyes never looked away or hid from query. He had the demeanor of a man who believes in what he is doing and has logged significant successes. I believe he is the real deal.

Hope this helps. I’m going to keep trying to figure out a way to pay for his treatments.

Again, as always, you know I’m nuts. Do your research… What I have conveyed above is my story and my impressions. But, after I got home I sent his corporate office an e-mail offering to work for them in Houston (and I HATE humidity) if they needed a pharmacist and covered treatments for employee’s family members.

155 thoughts on “I Visited Burzynski’s Clinic Last Week – And I Do NOT Believe He Is A Quack!

  1. Also, interestingly, conventional hospitals and Drs are forgiven when people die. After years of chemotherapy and outrageous insurance claims, people are dying all day long from cancer. But if Dr Burzynski’s patients die, well then, he’s a scammer and an evil money hungry person and his therapy doesn’t work. He has to have 100% success rate and treat his patients for free (or at least make just enough money to live in the basement)? If only American hospitals and Drs were held to the same standard. It’s ridiculous.

  2. People are finding Burzynski scam and such because the FDA who tried to put this man in prison for 300 years, yes I said 300 years, are trying to discredit him because he brought to the forefront the fact that the FDA gets kickbacks from big pharma and does not have the peoples’ best interest in mind. The FDA couldn’t care less if people live or die. Watch the movie “Cut,Poison,Burn” for yoursel and you will see what the FDA has really been up to….Dr. Burzynski has more brains in his pinky than all of the FDA members combined. They don’t want people to know that they are happily poisoning people, killing them with chemo, which can also cause cancers. When an autopsy says death was from chronic chemotherapy poisoning that tells me all I need to know. Chemo is a killer in itself.

    1. I’m sure fda gets kick back from drug and food companies. If they introduce the cure who will be buying the drugs? Bad food cause illness and drug companies sell drugs

    2. I am a 2x cancer “survivor” let me just say I would never reccomend chemotherapy to anyone. I am now dying from the chemotherapy treatment. I have end stage heart failure. This means treatments are not available in my country but I have watched his documentary and beleive , as many others do, in his integrity. This world is based on evil practises and money. If you have money you have more choices. God Bless this man and thank goodness for his tenacity.

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  4. God bless this doctor, unfortunately, I have suffered fRon a mention grade that keeps re occurring in neither surgeries, and radiation therapy do not keep these tumors,from growing back. Yet, you are told all is 85% effective. It is all about money.believe , it c I am writing a book to help others’live longer with these brain tumors, and if you want to die sooner try radiation . This is a death sentence. I am going to become the factual one in my book. People wake up!!!!!

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