Recipe For ‘Catherine’s Potent Ginger Concoction’


Ginger Paste –

  • Raw Unpeeled Ginger Root that has been thoroughly and vigorously rinsed and then dipped into boiling water for about 15 seconds. (the amount of root you need will be determined by how much ginger paste you want to make – figure each dose will take about a rounded tablespoonfull of volume) Try to get organic ginger root if you can.
  • Everclear Neutral Grain Spirit (at least 151 proof – 190 proof if you can get it – if Everclear is not available use the highest alcohol content hard liquor you can get – hopefully 120 proof) You will only need enough to dilute the thick ground up ginger paste to the consistency of a very thick soup.

Carbonated Lemon Drink (per dose)

  • Approximately 2 tablespoons Lemon Juice (preferably fresh squeezed)
  • Approximately 1-2 teaspoons sugar (adjust per taste)
  • Enough carbonated water (club soda) to finish filling up a glass after the ginger paste, lemon juice, and sugar has been added.

See the Instructions section below for details about how to process the ingredients and mix each dose.

Cautions and Precautions:

This recipe is based on a belief that we do NOT know what components of ginger root are capable of impacting the growth and propagation of cancers.

So, we throw nothing away. You will be using raw ginger root without peeling it, and – to preserve all of the essential oils, flavanoids, and whatever else might be in there – we will not be subjecting the ginger product to heat for any extended periods of time.

This brings us to a problem that is serious for all, but a life and death issue for cancer patients who might be immune compromised. You can’t take this product if you are immune compromised to the point that your physician won’t let you eat raw carrots, etc…

I have done the best I can to make this product safe from a bacterial and fungal standpoint. But, as I’m sure your doctors have told you, you cannot take products like this when you’re immune compromised.

Because of the possibility that whatever the ginger does might interfere with the effectiveness of your chemotherapy regimens you must not take this product 3 days before and 2 days after a scheduled chemotherapy session.

It has also been reported that ginger can decrease your blood’s ability to clot. So, if your platelet counts are low you must talk to your physician to get his/her approval before you take this supplement. But, of course, you were going to do that anyway.

To summarize the ‘rules’ as I know them –

1. You CANNOT take this product if you are immune compromised. If you’re not well enough to eat raw carrots and other garden produce you simply can’t take the chance with this product. It is essentially a raw root product.

2. You CANNOT take this product for three days before and two days after you are going to have a chemotherapy session.

3. You CANNOT take this product if your platelet counts are severely depressed. Check with your physician to get his/her thoughts on what your situation actually is. Don’t assume you’re OK.

4. You CANNOT take this supplement if you are allergic to ginger or any of the other substances that are used to make it. (e.g. lemon juice, alcohol, raw ginger)

Having told you all the situations under which you can’t take this supplement, I will also tell you that ‘Catherine’ and I found opportunities to work this product into her chemotherapy regimen.. and her everyday post chemo life.


To prepare this supplement you will have to go to the store and buy yourself some raw ginger roots in the produce department. Because there are so many species it would be best to ‘blend’ ginger roots from different countries into the starting material. You can do this by buying a few roots from several different stores. (Don’t forget your neighborhood asian grocery stores.)

Now, thoroughly rinse your ginger root.. and, if you have a product like ‘FIT’ or some other cleaner designed to safely wash vegetables, it would probably be a good idea to use that before you rinse everything off. (We are trying to get chemical contamination and some of the fungal contamination off the roots at this time.) Do this whether you’ve been able to get your hands on ‘organic’ ginger root or not.

Next, you are going to dip your ginger pieces into a pot of boiling water for 10-15 seconds. Then you are going to let them cool down and dry. (Be Careful – Splashing and Boiling Water is dangerous.)

Now – slowly feed your ginger root pieces into a blender that is running in ‘liquefy’ mode… We want to get the root ground up as finely as possible.

IMPORTANT: While you are grinding up the ginger root you will get a ginger paste that is hard to grind. This is hard on your blender/food processor’s motor. So, to reduce the thickness of the paste to something that your blender can handle, to provide some degree of antibacterial activity, and to make extracting of the chemicals from the ground up ginger root easier – you will add EVERCLEAR liquor to your ginger root paste. This is an EXTREMELY high alcohol concentration alcoholic beverage that isn’t really meant to consumed by itself or in any real quantity …. Don’t be afraid to use it to make this paste, but respect it for what it is. Use what is needed to make make your grinding easier, and to form a paste that is the consistency of a very thick soup – but no more.

After the paste is done you are going to split it up into glass containers of some sort, plastic bags or some other container so we can freeze it. Try to use something that isn’t plastic because we want to avoid the plasticizers that are in it. I’ve been told that ginger will pull them out of the bags, and they are definately not good for you. The paste will keep in the refrigerator for a few days when you defrost it.. but try to package a day or two’s worth of ginger into each container so you won’t have a lot of it sitting around defrosted in the refrigerator.

After you’ve broken the batch down into the smaller containers place them in the freezer and let them freeze.

Whew… the hardest part is now done.

Anytime you need to mix up some ginger concoction just pull one of the plastic bags out of the freezer and mix whatever dose you choose to take into an 8 ounce glass (less is fine) that is filled with lemonade, carbonated water (club soda), and ice. Store the unused ginger paste in the refrigerator.

The dose that my family member took – and continues to take – is 1 heaping tablespoon three times a day.

I hope this helps. It’s a lot cheaper than the supplement capsules – and I think that everything that might be contained in the ginger root has been properly preserved.

Don’t forget – follow the rules outlined above to keep yourself safe.


I do not guarantee this ginger drink will have any effect on cancer cells. It may not be appropriate for some people to consume ginger at the doses that my family member did. Although I’ve tried to incorporate antimicrobial and antifungal processes into this recipe, there is no guarantee that all microorganisms that might cause harm – especially to immune compromised patients – will be eliminated. In fact, I would advise that it is a 100% probability that microorganisms will exist in the ginger paste, lemon juice, and sugar ingredients.

As always, Do NOT start taking Ginger supplentation, any other herbal or ‘natural’ product, or any medication without talking to your Physician and getting his OK.

I’m a pharmacist – not a doctor – and I am providing information that I think is important for you to talk to your doctor about.

I am NOT recommending that you take these supplements or medications without your physicians’ OK!!!

Be Safe – I’m telling you what my observati0ns and opinions are based on what I’ve been able to dig up.

Double check, Research, Research, Research…. and make sure your Doctor agrees it is safe before you start.

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  1. When I was being discharged from the XXXXXXXXX Medical Center yesterday, after a procedure related to my brain cancer, the pharmacist suggest that I might be interested in your web site. I’ve been reading and finding lots of interest, especially since I’m following the Banerji Ruta graveolens protocol and have been influenced a lot by David Servan-Schriber’s anti-cancer book diet. I take to heart your grave admonition to consult a physician before experimenting, and I’ll have new questions for my oncologist, Dr. Klein, when I see her next. Thanks for doing this work and putting the information out there for those to whom it might be really important.

  2. Richard,

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you can find solutions in my posts. I am unfamiliar with the protocol and book you reference, but take your belief in them as a solid recommendation to study them. And I will. Take care. Steve

  3. Hi your article was very interesting as I have Stage 3c Ovarian Cancer. I did 6 rounds of chemo which ended in January 2012 and now my number is coming back high. When I read the recipe I am concerned about the sugar. Can you tell me if you can use a Truvia type sugar in place of real sugar.

    Also do you have any suggestions for esophageal cancer as my husband has just been diagnosed.

  4. oooh have to remember this next time I’m sick! I relaly do not like ginger though, but maybe tea is different? in any case, thanks for the tip!

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  7. My 53 yrs old daughter i s a late stage ovarion cancer n has had her 6th chamo but the therapy is no longer working(resistent to i). Her ca 125 reading counts is around 350. She is taking OBTIBEERY PLUS NOW. She also intend to take ginger powder that can be bought from the grocery store. Please advise the amount in grams to be taken daily .
    I am the father of Lucy ,my53 yrs daughter who has had ovarion cancer since 2009( 6yrs now).

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