Coffee Enemas…. Crazy? Maybe Not.

As we study and learn, it is often humbling to have to admit that we have discarded an idea that we were certain could not be true – only to later come to believe that it might be possible.

This is the case for the possibility that coffee enemas might be useful in cancer treatment regimens.

I know… you’re now convinced that I’ve lost all my marbles.

I assure you, I have not.

A year and a half ago a friend gave me a book that was written by a woman who had achieved breast cancer remission, and who believed with all her heart and soul that coffee enemas were important to her therapy.

I thanked her with a smile, briefly thumbed through its pages, and took it home.

When my wife asked me what I thought of it I told her I thought it was one of the craziest things I’d heard in a long time – a crazy alternative medicine waste of time and energy that had no chance of helping cancer patients.

I was, you see, a very well ‘trained’ pharmacist who quickly rejected ideas that were not in synchronization with the medical status quo.

Anyway, she read the book – and I didn’t read any more than I already had.

But I’ve become a more thoughtful person as time has passed and as I’ve studied the writings of numerous persons who have been famous for non-traditional, non-allopathic or alternative medicine cancer treatments.

So, let’s assume for a minute that we are trying to deliver a medicine instead of an anti-cancer regimen targeted at irritating the gastrointestinal tract or simply delivering caffeine to stimulate bile duct opening or liver immune response.

Perhaps it’s unfair to exclude caffeine from the classification of a medication. So, we’ll include it.

Anyway, let’s also assume that this medication that we’re going to try to deliver is damaged by the acidity that it would encounter as it passed through the stomach – or that it gets destroyed by the liver when it’s absorbed from the intestines and moved through the liver to ultimately reach circulation in the blood system.

If you were to ask a pharmacist how to deliver this medication he would tell you you could deliver it rectally in an enema. In fact, if you weren’t certain what chemical you were trying to deliver – and therefore had to deliver large volumes of the solution to ensure the drug got to the patient’s system in large enough quantites – she/he would undoubtedly tell you that the rectal route would be the preferred route.

The intestines present a huge surface area through which medications can be absorbed.

Add irritation that causes the intestinal tissues to be inflammed and you will often achieve absorbtion of medicinal agents that aren’t normally absorbed very well.

This gets us around the stomach acid problem, but what about liver matabolism issues.

Well, there is only one GI tract location where you can deliver medications without their being immediately metabolized by the liver. That spot is where we place rectal suppositories.

So, I’m going on record as believing that it is possible that coffee enemas may be delivering substances that are found in coffee beans to a cancer patient’s systemic circulation in the most efficient manner. This is not what the folk who recommend them usually claim, but it is my belief.

Or, it could be that the various explanations proposed by Dr Max Gerson and others are correct.

Regardless, the bottom line remains the same. You simply cannot discount the possibility that Coffee Enemas may have positive effects in cancer patients’ treatment regimens.

I know, this is an absolutely crazy statement… but I believe it most accurately reflects the facts as they are known at this time.

Now, don’t go out there and start blindly pumping your intestines full of coffee! Seriously, you could hurt yourself or a loved one.

I propose you should check out the advice of the experts in this area.

I’d take a look at the book titled ‘The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses’ and the series of videos that start with this one  to get info relative to how the enemas are supposed to be given to keep the patient safe.

I have no connection with the Gerson program. I make no money if you buy the book or look at the video. I’ve provided this information because I believe it might be useful for you or a loved one.

Remember, talk to your physician before you try coffee enemas or any other ‘medication’ regimen. I’m a Pharmacist – not a Physician, and obviously looney as can be. I’m just telling you what I’ve come to believe, not recommending the use of coffee enemas… But, I will point out that this therapy seems to be integrated into an awful lot of the non-traditional protocols that people swear saved their lives….

12 thoughts on “Coffee Enemas…. Crazy? Maybe Not.

  1. Thank you again for such wonderful posts. Always great information. I have found coffee enemas help heal/minimize my auto-immune diseases. I only have time to do them once a week, but even once a week helps. There’s a noticeable difference. Enemas catch a lot of flack so I’m very appreciative of your scientific approach. When you say you would deliver the medication rectally for best absorption it makes ME feel less crazy for doing enemas. Have you tried a coffee enema yourself? They really make you feel good. Dilated bile ducts, systemic caffeine high, and a lighter liver really send a little euphoria to the head. It’s a natural low cost high. It’s amazing it hasn’t caught on yet. Watch out street drugs, enemas are on your heels.

    I’m sorry to hear about you losing your wife. Your writings are meaningful and help people. I also think they will eventually help us move to a culture where medicine (and even the FDA) help protect society instead of big pharmaceutical companies. I hope that will give you comfort. Please keep up the good work.

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