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This parent’s post answers many of the questions I see coming in… I do not know her, and do not guarantee what she says is true… but the facts about costs etc.. are true as far as I know. Hope you find this useful…

I have a baby being treated with Antineoplastoms right now. I choose to remain anonymous because I do not want people to bother us or use her as an example. I actually hate seeing threads like this, so i am posting the truth for anyone who cares to read this. The treatments are working for her. Her brain tumor is shrinking and it is stunning. Our options were to do surgery and chemo. Chemo has not proven to work either, surgery would severely limit her. Most chemo doesn’t even penetrate the brain.Then what if the tumor grows back after surgery because they usually do? I have a sick, physically and mentally impaired child with a brain tumor. I had to try this no matter the cost. We only prepared to pay for 2-3 months at first. If the treatment doesn’t work after 2 months then you need to try something else and they will not even let you continue if it’s not working. We are now on 4 months. You can expect 25,000 – 30,000 the first month. This includes MRI and port surgery which you can get done at home and not have to pay. It also includes seeing a doctor everyday, getting nurse training for about 3 hours a day, and all the supplies. You have to pay for IV bags, tubing, saline flushes, dressing change kits etc… These things are not free and seeing a doctor everyday costs money too. People do not realize how much you are trained and you case is reviewed. It would cost more than that anywhere else. Her brain biopsy and week in the hospital was 3x that. Now home, we get charged 7600 a month. They billed our insurance but they do not have electronic billing, so the insurance takes forever to build claims. Our actual bill is more than 7600 but that is what we pay. $395 a day for maintenance – doctors review our case and call us daily, plus all the supplies. Antineoplastoms are not charged and they ship them every two weeks. If insurance does not end up paying, we are not responsible for the additional charges. You have to get MRIs every 6-8 weeks and have a local doctor that agrees to help you. He/she has to give you an evaluation visit and reports to the clinic once a month, you never need to return to the clinic. We have several doctors and nurses helping us. Lots of people are involved in our baby’s care. We have regular blood tests and do our visits to make sure she is healthy and can stay on treatment . When the tumor is gone, complete response, they keep you on a lighter dose that includes the oral PB for 8 months because they say 8 months seems to be the appropriate amount of time for the tumor to not come back. IV Antineoplastons are for brain tumors. Oral PB and sometimes tiny doses of chemo are used for other cancers. Both of these treatments work to make cells and genes do what they are supposed to do without killing good healthy ones. If your gene is covered in the Antineoplastons, you are very fortunate. Sometimes brain stem tumors are too tricky to treat because the ANP makes the tumor swell a little before it starts to shed cells, that’s another reason why not everyone can use it. The brain stem can’t always take anymore swelling. I made a friend while I was at the clinic. We kept in touch after we left. She was put on PB for lymphoma and her cancer was gone in 4 weeks. She had a little bit of diarrhea as her only side effect, but maybe that was all the Mexican food, who knows but it sure beats chemo. IV Antineoplaston side effects are extreme thirst and tiredness. My baby drinks about a liter of water a day. The tiredness adjusted after a day or two and she just takes an extra hour nap. It is not an easy treatment, it is constant and rigorous. We are tired and always wondering what she is feeling. We are so glad she is not suffering the ill effects of chemo and surgery. I wish this treatment could be tried by all these kids with brain tumors. They deserve the chance to at least try what won’t hurt them first before treatments that do hurt them. I’m actually pretty mad it’s not available to everyone. I know it can’t always work because maybe someone needs surgery right away or the genes are not covered by the ANP, but everyone deserves a chance to try it. Some day I will have a louder voice on this, but right now I just want my baby to be cured and that is what I’m focusing on. If you want to write negative posts about how Dr. Burzynski can’t prove anything, show me proof that chemo and radiation work because all I see is proof that they cure nothing and mess people up. It is all a big experiment aka clinical trial. Do not judge someone for thinking outside the box. Until you, or God forbid your child, is suffering from cancer do not make judgements on people looking for alternative treatments. I don’t care how much it costs out of pocket- it’s actually cheaper than modern medicine. It is worth the risk if you have a month or two to try it.

Sorry for all the typos, I’m using a phone to post. Bottom line, my baby is so healthy and happy you would never know she had a tumor if you did not see her hooked up to her pump. She could be partially paralyzed from surgery and deathly sick from chemo if we would not have known about the Burzynski Clinic. I know we are not out of this fight yet, but we are so happy we were able to try Antineoplastons.

One more thing to add… The Burzynski clinic is curing my daughter so you know I am a believer. But, if I’m diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, he will not treat me because of the FDA. I would have to use traditional medicine first, have it fail, then the FDA would allow me to have Dr. Burzynski treat me. This is so wrong!!


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  1. Steve, is Burzynski paying you? A very detailed anecdote along the Burzynski party line with overt appeals to emotion? Sounds totally legitimate to me (sarcasm). How convenient for the Burzynski clinic that this “woman” shares their opinions AND knows how to express those opinions with all of the polished diction of a Burzynski shill. Oh my, did I just say that? She’s certainly not a shill, no, no, certainly not. Couldn’t be. She’s an anonymous woman who sent you a long, detailed email about her experience with the Burzynski clinic AND who

  2. Honestly I am a 100% believer in DR. Burzynski! The whole system is corrupt I mean really? If this Man had nothing no cure just full of bull why are propale aleas going to extreme lengths To call him out? The proof is out there… People just think about it ? 1 Man has found a possible cure For certain types of cáncer = a loss of millons For Huge pharmaceuticals and so on… I worked for a very huge well known pharmaceutical company and there are so many fishy things that go on behind the scenes I can remember removing bottle labels and adding new labels with a different drug name because the company was getting sued over certain things and you couldn’t imagine how many capsules I worked on knowing it was causing tons of deaths over seas …. And so many other things that are just so far from what we would ever think when a doctor prescribes us something …Merck,phizer,fisher,Eli lily.. To name the few are only interested in money not the true safety of the consumer :( so yea like I started off saying of course people are gonna try to call dr.b a fraud and yaddah yaddah … Hes a threat and unfortunately it is how it is .. Do your research people if you find all this interesting look into HIV aids and possible cures and look into “what we really know about it” you’ll be very surprised to find out the truth. Dr.B isn’t the only one being threatened by the FDA and all this shanagans … I just hope this man doesn’t die taking the truth of his cure with him ..

    1. “If this Man had nothing no cure just full of bull why are propale aleas going to extreme lengths To call him out? The proof is out there… People just think about it ? 1 Man has found a possible cure For certain types of cáncer = a loss of millons For Huge pharmaceuticals and so on…”

      1. So, according to you, the stronger the contrary argument, the more compelling the affirmative argument? So if I claimed saltwater cures AIDS, and people in the medical community objected, you would see that as further support for saltwater as a cure for AIDS?

      2. The proof is not, in fact, out there. If it was, antineoplastons would be ‘medicine’ and not ‘altrnative medicine’. That’s what they call drugs which demonstrably work – ‘medicine’.

      3. When small pharma startups invent and develop a drug that works, large pharmaceutical companies BUY that company, they do not make efforts to shut the smaller company down. Are you under the impression that this is the first time some guy invented something? Pharmaceutical and biotech companies millions of dollars buying inventions, not billions of dollars trying to suppress inventions.

      “Dr.B isn’t the only one being threatened by the FDA and all this shanagans … I just hope this man doesn’t die taking the truth of his cure with him ..”

      4. Yes, the FDA conspiracy. I think the FDA mind control signal is getting stronger. Better put another layer of aluminum foil on your head.

      5. Don’t worry, the cure won’t die with “Dr. B”. That would require that he knew the cure in the first place.

  3. This mother said, “People do not realize how much you are trained and you case is reviewed. It would cost more than that anywhere else.”

    WRONG! I was just there this year with my own daughter who has an inoperable brain tumor. The treatment is not working for her for reasons I will not go in to, but I still believe that antineoplastins work better than any other known treatment when it comes to brain tumors.

    What irks me is that the billing office at Bruzynski’s Clinic have made my life even more agonizing. Not only have they repeatedly charged for services and supplies we did not receive, whihc requires me to constantly monitor and question their billing, they take your money up friont to pay all charges AND have some kind of backhanded agreement with the insurance that allows them to get away with charging whatever ridiculous charge they wish, but also to receive direct reimbursment for services you already paid them for. So far they have thousands in excess payments, but are stating they will cut off my child’s treatment if I don’t continue to pay them. Even worse, they have a policy that states they can choose to refund at only $500 a month! And guess what? If your kid dies because they have all your money tied up in the meantime, and you can’t pay for treatment somewhere else, they don’t give a flying f__k.

    Yes, the training is extensive but the charges are criminally inflated. I mean, they charge you $35 a day to stick the little sensor on the end of your finger to measure oxygen levels! The $395 is a chemotherapy charge for chemotherapy you do yourself after you pay $7000 for the infusion pump to do it with.

    The problem is, if you want your kid’s brain cancer treated, you better just pay it and keep your mouth shut because it turns out that their help is available only to those who can OVERpay for it.

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