Who IS That Crazy Pharmacist?


I really AM a pharmacist – and I am dedicated to providing information to you that you might be able to use to improve and/or save your life – or the life of someone you care about.

In general, the information you will find here will be the kind of information that will get you branded as being crazy by those you try to tell it to. Until it leaks out on TV or on the internet somewhere. THEN people will believe it. Unfortunately, that might be too late.

So, fasten your seat belts and hold on – ’cause I’m going to do my best to provide you information that nobody else is going to tell you – and I’m going to try to provide the references and ways of getting to the information that backs up what I’m saying so that you can go check for yourself whether I’ve blown a gasket or not.

It will be up to you to figure out whether you trust what I’m saying or not… and to take the information that you get here to your physician or primary care provider for review and discussion.

When we talk about this info amongst ourselves at work we jokingly say that we’re falling through the looking glass that Alice fell through in the story ‘Alice in Wonderland’. We also jokingly tell those we talk to that – as they said in the movie ‘The Matix’ – ‘There are two pills – a red one and a blue. If you take the blue one you’ll wake up tomorrow and nothing will have changed, if you take the red one – well, you will not be able to go back.’

And – as always – I am providing information for you to take to your physician. You should ALWAYS consult your physician before starting to take a new medication or supplement, or before you change the way you’re taking your current medications.

Pharmacists Pharmacist – Doctors Doctor. That’s how it should be, and I encourage you to help your care givers discover information that nobody is telling them either.


That Crazy Pharmacist

41 thoughts on “Who IS That Crazy Pharmacist?

  1. Wow!! Fantastic website. Loads of useful information, written in laymen’s terms for us laymen people. Great job!!

  2. I was diagnosed with nsclc stage 3 last July and refused all conventional treatments. I began following The Budwig Diet, and 2 months later added LDN to my protocol. My next PET scan stated: “no further growth since the first Pet scan”. All subsequent scans since then have stated the same “no further growth”…Within two weeks of the Budwig Diet I began feeling amazingly well, and this has continued. All physical symptoms of cancer have disappeared (except on the PET scans) and I now feel far better than I did years before getting cancer.

    The LDN has erased all symptoms of systemic Lupus as well. It has been 10 months since the doctors told me I would die in 9 months if I refused their treatment. I cannot reccomend The Budwig Diet more highly and I would continue to follow it even if I no longer had cancer due to the energy it gives me. I have not had a cold in 10 months even though I work closely with the public in a retail business. So far, my cancer has remained stalled on it’s tracks, I feel fabulous, and I could be happy to remain in this state for the remainder of my natural life.

    Google : The Budwig Diet
    Go to yahoogroups.com and join the Low Dose Naltrexone group and the flaxseedoil2 group…they can answer all questions about getting started.

    Peace and healing to you all! Joy

  3. In searching your website I do not see magnesium chloride referenced. You have so many great articles. Thank you. I think you might find the 2011 edition of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Mark Sircus of interest.

    I have been using magnesium chloride for 9 months now and it has helped reduce my back pain and increase my stamina after four years of low stamina after prostate cancer surgery.

  4. hello.

    i try to talk about what i’ve studied in depth. there is just too much material to cover.

    but, i do subscribe to dr sircus’ news letters, and support what he has to say.

    you can find his blog at http://blog.imva.info/ .


  5. I have a brother that has stage 4 metastisized-sp cancer, gleason score of 8. He had 12 prostate tests that all came out positive for cancer. I really am ignorant on this stuff. What I am trying to find out is Burzynski for every person? If not why if so why? Why are there those who claim to be cured and others who see no results and call him a quack? There are many medical docs who don’t cure their patients either and they aren’t called quacks. Is there any help you can give me? Thanks.

  6. Hello, Mark.

    I wish I could answer your question. But I don’t know the answer. If you can afford him and believe the prognosis using conventional treatments is poor then I would definitely consider going to see him. I do believe his antineoplastons work for some.

    As far as him being labeled a quack? Well, I think it’s primarily money driven. It is a fact that the treatments currently used by the mainstream practitioners yield poor long term prognoses – especially for stage 4 cancers. As you walk through a major cancer center ask yourself what would happen to all those peoples jobs if a better treatment option was discovered and wasn’t available at a high profit through them.

    I also think that his refusal to get bogged down by the system really pisses off those who put the system in place.

    You might find this book interesting regarding why they call people quacks historically – http://www.amazon.com/When-Healing-Becomes-Crime-Alternative/dp/0892819251/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325100338&sr=8-1 . there is also a good movie by the same name. you can find it on the internet by googling the name hoxsey under videos.

    Whether you can afford Burzynski or not you might find other options posted on the web site. I’m posting an excerpt ftom a reply to another person’s questions below for your review.

    Hope this helps, and that you find a solution for your brother. I believe in what I have posted on the website.

    Again, I’m not a physician, and you need a physician to oversee your efforts. If your current doc isn’t open to these ideas find another doc.

    if you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask.



    Excerpt –
    Hello, xxxx.

    An 8 ounce glass three or four times a day is what I’ve seen used.

    The effect – if it occurs – may be from the ginger, a citrate buffer effect that raises blood pH, or synergism between both. Accordingly, the lemon juice and the brand of club soda is – I think – important. I have a student taking a look at the possibility of a convergence between the slight elevation in blood pH and an increase in the body’s production of Dr Burzynski’s antineoplastons and/or similar compounds right now.

    I do NOT believe that drastic elevations of blood pH works for all cancers, if at all. But that is just my opinion.

    Anyway, hope this helps. I would also take a very hard look at the salsalate and aspirin part of the protocol attached to the ‘catherine’s protocol’ posting, the DCA posting and the Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) posts if you or a loved one has cancer. I strongly believe in the data supporting them.

    I also think that the posts about iodine and thyroid supplementation are very important from an immune system point of view.

    And then there is Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil. Watch his video if you’re interested.

    I would also switch to a more vegetarian type diet.

    If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. I will answer as well as I can.

    Again, I am a pharmacist, not a physician… and I feel strongly that you have to have a physician monitoring and guiding your efforts.



  7. I enjoy your website and send links to my friends (when appropriate). Low dose naltrexone, Gerson Therapy , Antineoplastons, and thyroid info have been my favorite posts.

    I wanted to encourage you to write your thoughts about gallstones and inflamed gallbladders. My husband has gallstones which has inflamed his gallbladder. He currently has very low gallbladder function 8% on his HIDA test. The doctors immeadiatly jump to SURGERY and they say that’s our only choice. Literally they say they have no nutrition advice, no alternative methods, nothing. Nothing but surgery. My own common sense says there has to be something less extreme then losing an organ. Maybe the Crazy Pharmacist has heard of something? Gallbladder issues are so common. You might get quite a following with a gallbladder post. My own guess at a protocol…Gerson Therapy to help the liver, then maybe some accupuncture, Gold coin grass treatment, and then some sort of gallbladder flush. Getting the stones out is the tricky part. I can’t tell if the gallbladder flushes are quackery or could work. My husband is afraid to drink olive oil with a low functioning gallbladder (olive oil is listed in most gallbladder flushes). Anyway, I just wanted to plant the seed. Maybe it will grow.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  8. Hi Steve
    Just came across your blog. I wish you well and think your contributions are very admirable . I wished to seek your advice. Should I just ask my question here ?
    Also just wished to mention that a lot of articles have been about cancer their are alternative treatments which have been shown to work . Non medicinal that is .
    Hope to hear from you soon keep up the helpful work.

  9. Helpful facts. Blessed me personally I discovered your web site inadvertently, exactly what shocked why this specific crash couldn’t taken place prior! My spouse and i book marked this.

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  11. This might be an interesting question to entertain if it’s premises were true, marvin, but it unfrotunately for anti-vaxers theya ren’t: the majority of Amish parents do in fac, vaccinate their children 9see Underimmunization in Ohio’s Amish: Parental Fears Are a Greater Obstacle Than Access to Care, Wenger et al, http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2011/06/23/peds.2009-2599) and Amish autists do exist, although due to the closed nature of Amish communities under-reporting appears to be an issue (for example, see

  12. The increase in the incidence of autism diagnoses (and note what’s observed is an increase in the number of individuals diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder rather than an increase in the number of individuals in the general population who are autistic) appears to be a product of multiple factors including broadened diagnostic criteria, diagnostic substitution and improved surveillance.

    “Offit says vaccines are safe and effective. Dr. Haley says they are not.”

    it’s important to remember that the safety and efficacy of vaccines is supported by a large body of evidence, while opposing claims that the risks associated with vaccination exceed the risks associated with remaining vulnerable to infection by the diseases they protect against fly in the face of that existing body of evidence.

    In fact, given that very large retrospective epidemiologic studies have been conducted by multiple independent researchers and agencies in multiple nations over a period of decades without finding any hint of a causal assocaiation between routine vaccination and autism spectrum disorders, one thing we can state with a high degree of certainty is that whenever we do identify all the factors contributing to the observed increase in ASD diagnoses, vaccines won’t be on the list.

  13. I’ve thanked you before, but I wanted to do it again. Your posts are so interesting and helpful. Thank you Thank you for taking the time to do it. I really appreciate it. All of the topics are fascinating.

    A wonderful old friend has MS now. I sent him some links to info on your site about Low Dose Naltrexone in December 2013, but he never replied. I thought maybe he didn’t like alternative ideas. I just got to see him and his wife at a college reunion. I talked with his wife at length. She asked me to send as much info as I could to her. She said he’s at a stage where it’s hard for him to concentrate on new things. Thank you thank you for your post on low dose Naltrexone. It could change his and her life. It’s amazing to me that a family who is impacted in such a big way with MS has not even heard about the possibilities of Naltrexone.

    I would like to make a request for ANYTHING (thoughts or crazy ideas) to help Lou Gerig’s disease (ALS). My friend’s sister’s husband has it. They traveled out of the country to have alternative care. He received willow branch baths. He said it helped so much that he didn’t want to leave to come back to the US. I know they get aspirin from certain trees and barks, so this didn’t seem too crazy. I was talking with a VERY old Russian lady who used to collect herbs for medicinal use, and make oils from plants “in the old country”. She was saying how it was important to collect some plants when they had “dew” on them for the best strength. She said other varieties should be collected if they grow in the shade, not the ones that grow in the sunny spots. It was all over my head but it made me think about how much knowledge has been lost about natural cures and collecting plants to heal. Healing is important so keep up the good work.

  14. My wife and I have been very blessed in our lives. We have also lived toguhrh very tight times ( I. E., blood donations.) We have always felt the love if others. Many times, we picked up the bill for another at a resturant. Other times we paid for another’s groceries. Another time we put together a baby shower for a lady we never met who left an abusive home. Instead of money, we gave a man in the rain a sleeping bag, a coat, and accessories along with a gift card for a meal at Denny’s. When my wife ad I ran into financial issues, we were blessed by people who remained anonymous with a $500 gift card twice. We always asked why. We had a very hard time accepting. Why us? LovePay it forward It will come back when needed

  15. About the AuthorKat Robertson began designing in 2002 for psenoral projects before turning her hobby into a home business when she opened Robertson Enterprises, the parent company of the eDesign-Pro subsidiary, in 2004. She is the mother of five children and enjoys blogging at in her spare time where she shares her experiences in the midst of all the chaos.

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  18. Any advice on diabetes? Do you think Dr Sircis’ advice in the use of baking soda really helps people?
    Is there any danger in the advice?

  19. I really appreciate your website and the info on Revici. Could you tell me if organic sulphur is acidic when ingested or alkaline? I never had chemistry so I don’t know how to approach it. When I put it in water and test with a litmus? strip it shows very acidic.

    Keep up the good work-the world won’t run out of ignorant arrogance anytime soon.

    Keep the faith!!

    Best wishes. Ed

  20. Add pancreatic enzymes from Allergy Research Group….helps clean up old cells and tissue….use porcine….same as Dr Gonzalez’s

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  22. aricia2010 #7 – So. . . let me get this straight. If you lived in a town that featured a system you didn’t like, but the vast majority of its citizen revered. And all around you, there were towns you thought were much, much better, you’d be happier trying to ruin life for everyone rather than move to a place you already considered much better? Where’s the sense in that?I do completely agree that the US is not the best of all possible worlds – it’s just far better than anyplace else on this Earth.

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  24. I’ve worked for two people I would consider masters. Both of them were young, extremely ambitious, and had reputations for being tough. That turned out to be a benefit – it scared a lot of people away from them, leaving behind the people who were truly interested in pushing themselves to be better. When one of them told me I “hadn’t been a total disaster”, it felt like high praise – but I learned a tremendous amount from that man.

  25. Im looking for information to possible ward off and or make sure I do not develop Cancer of the Kidney and or Bladder.. I was as I grew up a health food freak and staying in good form mentally and physically. What I am seeing are my male acquaintances and folks that I overhear at the work place is as follows: Men are diagnosed with Prostrate cancer in larger #’s and earlier in the life cycle: Ie Early 50-s, Bladder Cancer and kidner cancer.. I’m puzzled and when probed indicate they felt no pain and or tenderness. So in closing and to get to my question: How does one rid themselves of Cancer of the bladder and or Kidneys? what is a symptom – tenderness and pain on the left side in the rib cavity are frontal and back and or just immediately below the lowest rib cage bone on the left

  26. CRazy.. Please let me know what dose of aspirin i should take to stop bladder, prostrate and / or Kidney cancer. I’m 61 years old and many male s i are being diagnosed with one or a combinations.

    I have been aching in my whole left rib cage cavity for the last two years and have told the doctor about t and he feels around and says it nothing. just use flexor patches.

  27. PS. I m really loving this site and the unique Real input – a total twist for the pure medical non-sense people who have been ill and or are actually ill have to put up with when they roll into the Doc domi.. Thank you Crazi and LOVE LOVE LOve this

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  29. Ha! I love it. Thanks for pointing me here, Renee. Your conclusion is spot on: Our hair doesn’t change who we are… But it can make it dang tough to feel happy and relaxed. You rock straight, wavy, frizzy and curly, lady!

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  32. Hello Crazy Pharmacist!

    I wanted to follow up to see if you were able to receive treatment from Dr. Burzynski and what your current opinion is of antineoplaston treatment? I would appreciate any information that you can provide. Many thanks!

  33. Greetings looking into information On what to give my fur baby who has B cell lymphoma, I have tried mist chemo and she has become resistant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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