18 thoughts on “Dr Burzynski’s Antineoplastons… A Treatment Option Cancer Patients Should Know About

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    It is a real sad story here ;

    1. A good doctor has to go through evil disguised as those in the office.

    2. Poor souls like us are kicked around and left in the dark.

    Somebody said the doctor’s case should be submitted to NOBEL organization. Why ?.. the NOBEL is one big organization of the world and it’s voice is loud enough to pinpoint who’s right and who’s not.

    Then, is it possible if a group of cancer patients united and take the FDA, The Cancer Organizations and the likes to court for not follow ” The Right To Make A Threatment Choice ” by taking this case as example. Worst yet, they may have violated the constitution !

    ( http://patients.about.com/od/patientempowermentissues/a/patientsrights.htm )

    I wonder if the major news agencies have not heard about the case, or may be they did but don’t know what to do with it !

    What I’m trying to say is that, while it seems like we are fighting for the doctor, but the fact is we are doing for ourselves and our children. It’s US.. that being save.

    Now that I’ve SPOKEN !


    1. Yeah it’s a conspiracy by thousands of people that has been going on for a decade. And I just won the lottery two times in a row. Thank you, come again.

  2. I am a friend of Heidi. She told me of your plight and I made a donation. Hope all goes well and you and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers….

  3. I have watched a Youtube video about Dr. Bruzynski and the primary issue I have with him is that he is “marketing” it as a “cure” for cancer. Although I do beleive that it helps many people (I think the the best percentage success rate was 20% in one fo the trials), it is NOT a cure for cancer. It is a treatment for many but a cure it just that … a cure for most that have cancer and it is not. A ‘cure” would have to be success rates of 80% or better.

    It certainly should be an option for anyone sticken with this horrable disease but with eyes wide open that it may or may not ‘cure’ you.

  4. It seems common sence that every doctor would test the Peptide levels of every cancer patient and prescribe treatment to rule out that deficiency especially since there are no side effects. It does appear that it is all about the money not the best for we the people.

  5. I was just researching this a little and I stumbled upon this site.

    The author writes: “Dr Burzynski’s therapy is real, works for many patients, is solidly based on scientific evidence and should be considered as an option for any cancer patient.”

    Other websites I have visited state there is no scientific result that confirms this statement. If you do have this data (author) you should have put it in the article.

    From my research so far, I think the man is a fraud and a charlatan. To have a commercial enterprise for treating cancer, but no factual scientific, statistically significant results to back up the practice is a no-no to anyone with integrity.

    Do not believe anecdotal evidence, it is not valid people, please keep a clear mind about this. You can’t keep a succesfull cancer therapy hidden from the world even with a hundred conspiracies by all the illuminati that have ever lived.

    If you are still unsure, ask your doctor, or any scientist to explain about statistical significance.

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  6. ” is solidly based on scientific evidence and should be considered as an option for any cancer patient.”

    I truly hope it is. The main problem, though, is that Burzynski doesn’t appear to have published any of his research since 2006. And i’m not convinced that phase II trials constitute solid, robust scientific evidence.

    I would have thought that as a fellow pharmacist you would have been more aware of this, as critical appraisal and evidence based medicine are key parts of our role.

  7. I truly believe in my heart that what DR. Burzynski is doing is amazing and he’s not getting the credit he deserves! I viewed his video for the first time last night in my class and think he’s a genius an the only reason he’s put down is because the FDA and other pharmaceutical companies cannot do what he can and with his work and knowledge they cannot profit which makes no sense i thought they were lookin out for our best interest? But seems to me they only care about their profit! which by they way they cost tax payers 60 million dollas trying to take away a man who does care proving they don’t care about us or our families! The other oncologists and the FDA tried to play god and determine who can an cannot live! Who the HELL are they to determine whether you or your loved one can live? Death is a descion and should be left to us and when there is someone out there who is willing to give back to what has always been yours he should be praised and respected! He has stood out from the rest with disbelief always in front of him and did something with his research and has made a difference! DR. Burzynski’s methods give back a 20% success to the opposing 9% from radiation therapy. Any 3rd grade student knows 20 is better than 9, But if you can’t figure this out go to your local elementary school and enroll urself into 3rd grade. On a side note I want to thank my teacher for giving me the oppertunity to be apart of her class the video was very motivational.

  8. I’m truly disappointed to see a pharmacist reject the overwhelming scientific evidence that says:

    – the compounds Burzynski is recommending are not safe for humans
    – 8 out of 9 patients undergoing monitored trials using Burzynski’s own patients died from unremitted cancer
    – Burzynski has not submitted *any* studies that stand up to peer review

    In other words, he’s a quack, preying on helpless people, who then die.

    As somebody with 2 deaths from cancer in the family, and a narrow escape by my mother (thanks to conventional medicine) I can only ask that you link to both sides of the case.

    @David Adubato: it seems you are confused. No sensible doctor is against the patient’s right to choose (which I support also), but they cannot and will not recommend “therapy” that is proven not to work.

    Please do not mix what you believe in your heart to work with what has been shown by fact. You are doing a great disservice to anybody who is suffering from cancer if you try to persuade them that alternative therapy conclusively works.

    The evidence, and the deaths caused by those who promulgate the fraudulent beliefs, stand against you.


  9. “You can buy a copy of the movie at Amazon.com, or view it as an Amazon Instant Video download”

    This guy has some cajones to actually sell copies of his feature-length infomercial. He has no shame. But I guess it’s nothing compared to bilking sick and desperate people for tens of thousands of dollars to pay for worthless drugs.

    “And don’t forget to watch the Newport Beach Film Festival interview.”

    He was interviewed at the NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL?!?!? Why didn’t you mention that before? I’m a believer now. I mean, there’s no evidence in scientific literature supporting antineoplaston efficacy, and Burzynski is considered to be a cancer profiteer by most scientists and doctors with a good reputation, but now that I know he was interviewed at a film festival, I’m a firm believer. When I want the best medical advice, I usually either buy an infomercial about it from amazon, or I go to a film festival. And I always ignore contrary evidence. How would I otherwise be convinced if I paid attention to any source other than those who benefit from my believing in their work?

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