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A Reader’s Thoughts On Iodine Supplementation

A reader named Nancy posted her thoughts about my article on Iodine Supplementation.

I thought it was interesting info, so have reposted it here where it is easier to find.

Now, having said that… I would like to make the following points:

1. I take Armour Thyroid. It works well for me. I also take my iodine via 2% Lugol’s Solution, but recently sent Iodoral tablets to my dad and his wife. A fellow pharmacist gets his thyroid from Mexico in a form that combines T4 and T3 but is not derived from animal sources. He tells me he has to use about 40% to 50% bigger doses. I trust his statements without reservation.

2. Nancy is correct, many physicians do not agree with iodine supplementation. In fact, they are violently opposed to it. They are laboring under the burden of what they have been taught, and … they might be right. I do not think they are, or I wouldn’t write about it here. I would suggest they have not read the literature supporting the use of iodine supplementation, and – quite frankly – if the information isn’t supplied to them through one of the pharmaceutical companies information channels they will not listen anyway. But, there are links from my previous post that will take you to info you can provide to your physician (I gave mine a copy of Dr Starr’s book). So, you have no excuse for not working to win your physician over to your point of view.

3. My recommendation remains the same. You must talk to your physician and should never do anything without his or her agreement. They know your physical condition better than you do, and have been trained to keep you out of trouble. And, there are definately cases where iodine supplementation is not appropriate and can harm you. Nancy seems to infer that you should not follow this recommendation. She is wrong. You might have to change physicians, but I do not sanction going against your physician’s recommendations.

Anyway, I post her comment her for your information.

From ‘Nancy’:

Fantastic article!! Just a couple of comments — Dr Starr talks about using Armour thyroid, but it was reformulated a couple of years ago and no longer works like it used to, for me and many others. What I use now is NatureThroid, which works like Armour used to, along with 25 mg of Iodoral.

I too had been advising people to check with their doc re: iodine supplementation, until I got an email from an upset client saying his doctor became agitated at the mention of the topic and shouted that no one should ever ingest iodine in any form including dietary sources! Another wrote to me that his doctor became furious at being told the patient took Iodoral and got better, instead of following the doc’s instructions!

Many if not most mainstream docs are totally ignorant about iodine. Now I suggest that people read all the stuff you mentioned plus Brownstein (, to educate themselves, see how they feel, and proceed cautiously.

As regards choosing an iodine supplement, I like Dr Abraham’s suggestion: Ask the supplier to provide scientific studies on their product. As far as I know, only Iodoral and Lugol’s have that available.

Dr Tennant’s book, Healing is Voltage, is one of the most brilliant health books I’ve read. It gave me some new concepts and changed my approach. It’s not easy to blow my mind after 40 years of study, but he’s done it.

Thank you for your meticulous exposure of these ideas.