155 thoughts on “I Visited Burzynski’s Clinic Last Week – And I Do NOT Believe He Is A Quack!

  1. Burzysnki’s a fraud!

    Big Pharma, please send my check to:
    Franklin Bonney
    1221 Carlton Ave.
    Longmont, CO 80501

    If you want to be a millionaire shill too, just say negative things about Burzynski and post your address. Payday!! It’s as simple as that!

  2. Burzynski is a doctor who owns a pharmaceutical company that produces and sells chemicals called antineoplastons. Burzynski administers antineoplastons to his patients. He charges a lot of money for this chemotherapy, which has not been shown to work. It IS chemotherapy, and Burzynski DOES own a pharmaceutical company.

    Stop being naive. He is a villian. You don’t want to believe he is (because you’re probably a good person), but the facts are very clear. He’s not a hero, he’s a cancer profiteer who wants you to believe he’s a persecuted hero. That’s what villians do – they make you believe they are the victims.

  3. Yeah, not so much. It tells the story Burzynski has paid the director to depict. Not exactly the “whole story”. Far from it, in fact.

  4. What is your motivation to promote Burzynski? If people want to say negative things about Burzynski, how does it affect you in any way at all?

  5. Where is this statistic? I’d be happy to explain it if you tell me where you got that statistic.

  6. The current mainstream cancer treatment is not successful. The treatment itself has killed four people very close to me. It’s my life and my body and I should be able to choose the kind of medical treatment I want. After more than 60 years, the “war on cancer” has not produced a cure. It’s time to allow different treatments. I think many feel the way I do: “If I’m going to die anyway, I should be allowed to choose the treatment that won’t make me sick and weak for all the time I have remaining.”

  7. Then get off the internet creating propaganda, and start looking into a cute for cancer. See what happens to your job when your employer find out what you’re researching.

    FDA & Cancer Instutute will not accept cures or treatments unless they come from corporations. A true* “human” doctor will not accept charging $1M for treatment that only costs $300k. Agree and you should* start thinking about what is and what isn’t truth… after you read the bylaws that restricts Burzynski from treating and curing.

    Simple minds can pretend to be scholars online, but sceptics who know how their own bodies work, can sort through the BS.

  8. Kelly kc.. If dr b is a monster because he charges to help or charges to no help in your opinion… What does that make conventional treatment with costs far exceeding dr b treatment, and is proven beyond doubt that it’s harmful to us I.e does more harm than good… The deaths of cancer are probably over shadowed by the actual deaths caused by the the conventional treatment itself but I’m 100% sure there will be no harassment to stop treating patients with totally fatal drugs… Chemo and radiotherapy how can any1 be an advocate against anything when this is what they fight to keep in motoion billion dollar failed drug that makes to much money do actually say enough is enough… For all the strength and willingness you have put into defeating dr b or any 1 else for that matter and focus your strength on the real problem chemo/radiotherapy 97%. Fail fact

  9. I totally agree!!! People ask why patients who are given no hope, whatsoever, with or without chemo and/or radiation therapy are denied Dr. Burzynski’s treatment when they have nothing to lose. I truly believe it’s as simple as the FDA not wanting the cure of a hopeless case. It’s not about the FDA wanting to protect the life of a dying person. It’s about protecting their dollars! Imagine the big money that would no longer be made by big Pharma and doctors for chemo, radiation, endless scans, etc. if an “ACTUAL” cure were to be discovered! Money is truly the root of all evil!

  10. Ifcthis is the case, why did the orthodoxy try to steal his formula while he was before a grand jury (which by the way failed 4X)

  11. No FDA conspiracy Four times they brought him before a grand jury. Four times they failed to indict, causing a lawmaker to remark, ” the FDA could indict a ham sandwich”

  12. I completely agree! My father had stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer with a high gleason score (9-10) which was diagnosed in 2006. His oncologist said surgery was considered useless since the cancer had spread. Chemo and radiation were the only options give to him for palliative care (shrink the tumor but not to cure). We were devastated with the news. After extensive online research for alternative therapy, we found the Burzynski clinic. After our 1st visit, everyone seemed to be very friendly. They gave me a list of previous prostate cancer patients who went through their treatment to contact. After speaking with these patients, we were convinced that this treatment would be helpful for my dad and we were given hope again. Several months passed and a whole lot of money, the cancer was still there but they said it was encouraging because there was no evidence of cancer progression. Dr Burzynski only attended one MD visit with my dad upon my request, and I asked him point blank on what is the percentage of the success rate with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer with a high gleason score (9-10). He couldn’t really tell me and said something vague, and he said to look up his paper on prostate cancer. The success rates were not convincing, although his foreign MD staffs (who didn’t seem very knowledgable) tried to motivate us to continue the therapy for a breakthrough. They also gave my dad 1 dose of Avastin, which we were told was not really chemo, and my dad ended up in the hospital with CHF. Very horrific! Fortunately he recovered from the CHF. After some research, Avastin was indeed a strong chemo drug. Like I said, the doctors did not seem very knowledgeable. In hind site, I don’t think they correctly interpreted the PET scans, as these MDs were not trained oncologists. It seemed as if they were blindly giving us feedback that my dad’s tumor was slowly shrinking. But after almost a year on antineoplastin, my dad’s cancer seemed to have progressed and we spent well over $120,000 out of pocket. We were desperate at the time and my dad’s life was priceless. They knew that, and gave us false hope and most especially took advantage of us financially. The financial department were also not very responsive. They are running a big scam and taking advantage of folks with different advanced cancers. I think the antineoplastin therapy may be effective with the brain cancers, but I can’t say first hand. Please consider being forewarned and stay far away from the Burzynski clinic if you don’t have brain cancer (gliobastoma), and save your money on something more effective. I hope you or your loved one who is fighting cancer the very best and may you find a successful treatment. I know a couple folks who were able to beat their cancer with cannabis oil and laetrile but it depends on the type of cancer cells you have, so please do your thorough research.

  13. My sweet dad took his last breath on August 14, 2009. I wish I knew about cannabis oil back then. It would have been less expensive in comparison to Burzynski clinic and some of the Mexican clinics, and probably had a better success rate.

  14. Steve:
    MAIN THING is I want to find a Dr. near Laguna Hills, California [near Irvine and Anaheim] who is skilled in the Low Dose Naltrexone-Alpha Lipoic Acid Treatment. I assume Burton Berkson and son Arthur are tops, but they’re in New Mexico.
    I’m late stage prostate cancer with bone and lymph met’s and there may not be that much time.
    Please Advise.


    CB Wolf

  15. If you had Cancer you would have a better understanding of things, you sound a bit full of yourself, why not contact someone who has been cured by the clinic and check out their story, I have talked to many of them, sadly many who could have been helped will die because of your blog, what a shame, sadly you will be forgiven when your end arrives, sleep tight while you can, I am happy to identity myself, Ron Gent in California

  16. And your faith lies in what the FDA tells you, good luck with that ! Did you think non profit means they make no money, uninformed, follow the leader and lose ur life !

  17. And I hope you stay that way Ms Bartholomew, in conclusion I find you are an idiot, and I am sure you are not a Christian, just die quietly when your time comes !

  18. The movies are recent, the Doctor has been around 35 years, someone finally made a movie to reveal the truth, it WORKS PEOPLE !

  19. if this guy was tried twice sent to 4 grand juries what ever happened to double jeopardy i guess the fda is above that

  20. Steve: have you ever tried to medical or any back from ins. Co’s much forr things they are against or deemed unecessary by one of their non medical decision makers. I worked at a hospital. Talked to ins. Co’s before patients started treatment. Told what treatnent was. Insyrance told what pa what does not. Yet85 plus cases when time for them to pay they argue about they pay or do not; even after all was pre set before treat even began. Check Dr Burzynskis history, studies, scientific work: The attack on him and his work by ama, Fda, and pharma etc, etc. The mis use by big name hispitals after he freely allowed the to use his treatment protocols. All of this and more every day. Get your story straight .

  21. Why do you people at minimum ask these questions of your local and other hospitals…. who by their own numbers kill some 2 to 3 milliom people a year

  22. What is the 5 cent item? My wife is stage 4 GBM and has exhausted every treatment option according to Sloan Kettering. Kettering. We need a cure, now! I am thinking of contacting Dr B

  23. And Ron Gent, as a Christian, I’m reasonably assured that you’re not a Christian, or at very least that you are in serious need to evaluate yourself to see if in fact you are in the faith. What a hateful thing to say!

  24. Alexandria,
    Can you give us your number please. my dad was diagnoged with stage 4 brain cancer and were thinking of taking him there. Please contact me if you can: 818-564-3256

  25. name-calling won’t detour those who have a personal stake in this discussion from voicing their concerns or the conclusions they’re coming to. I’ve seen a lot of rancor from the Burz-side of the street, so let’s not reduce this discussion to vain attempts at marginalizing those who aren’t all aboard on the Burz-bus, okay? We’re not haters. and all the vile accusations you and others might levy to our account amount to mere, cheap tricks. I’ve got legitimate concerns, having been diagnosed with Glioblastoma. There are many cures for cancer, if taken in concert with other health remedies. Anyone sincerely searching owed it to themselves to feret out the real from that posing as real. Does the sincere desire to know the truth make us haters? I’d say that your statements make you more of a hater than those who come to conclusions different from your own.

  26. My daughter got two different quotes on the treatments from two reps there at the Burzynski clinic. The first one told the monthly costs $4.000 per month. Then a few days later, when she called back, another lady told her the monthly costs were around $7,000 per month. And all that is after shelling out in the neighborhood of $35,000 for the initial 5-8 days at the clinic, where they reported they would do “individualized testing”. But from all I’m reading here from professionals in the field, they are saying that everyone gets the same treatment, and apparently it includes chemotherapy, which someone can get anywhere, and all covered by insurance. And someone on medicare, this is huge! Not to mention the deliterious effects of chemo. So I’m not at all assured that his success stories amount to a lot, given that the highest figure they tout is about a 25 “success” rate, and that it includes chemotherapy, a procedure covered elsewhere by medicare. And how do they count success? Living another five years? Is it really worth all that extra money for a few more years, when all that money could have gone to your loved ones in living their lives? These things and much more are worth considering. There are alternative treatments that an informed researcher could work into a regular protocol. One’s own diet are a key factor, and together in an overall protocol could extend life for years. I’m convinced of this. And frequency thereapies like the Rife machine can kill tumors instantly! It’s worth looking into, isn’t it?

  27. I find it interesting people think of a cash pay facility as a scam. The entire American medical industry is a scam. Do people think conventional American hospitals aren’t money hungry machines? You’re paying outrageous insurance premiums because hospitals are paying hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, even millions for traditional chemotherapy and all other treatments. The first thing they ask for is your insurance card. Just because your insurance card is paying for it doesn’t mean the doctors aren’t getting paid tons of money for your treatment. Dr Burzynski’s methods aren’t covered by traditional insurance because there is not enough money in it for the industry. So you have to pay out of pocket. Why is this a scam? Do you want them to hold your hand and say, “oh, I’m so sorry you’re dying, you poor thing, ok, you don’t have to pay” ? They have to get paid, they have bills and expenses like everyone else. Of course they want to be paid up front. Just like conventional doctors want to call your insurance company and verify coverage before they start treatment!

  28. Also, interestingly, conventional hospitals and Drs are forgiven when people die. After years of chemotherapy and outrageous insurance claims, people are dying all day long from cancer. But if Dr Burzynski’s patients die, well then, he’s a scammer and an evil money hungry person and his therapy doesn’t work. He has to have 100% success rate and treat his patients for free (or at least make just enough money to live in the basement)? If only American hospitals and Drs were held to the same standard. It’s ridiculous.

  29. How is your daughter doing? You posted about Bursynski about 5 years ago.
    My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 gliobastoma and is currently in Houston trying to get started with him. But I saw a few red flags and now Im questioning his treatment and efficacy.
    I will appreciate a response. Thanks you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  30. People are finding Burzynski scam and such because the FDA who tried to put this man in prison for 300 years, yes I said 300 years, are trying to discredit him because he brought to the forefront the fact that the FDA gets kickbacks from big pharma and does not have the peoples’ best interest in mind. The FDA couldn’t care less if people live or die. Watch the movie “Cut,Poison,Burn” for yoursel and you will see what the FDA has really been up to….Dr. Burzynski has more brains in his pinky than all of the FDA members combined. They don’t want people to know that they are happily poisoning people, killing them with chemo, which can also cause cancers. When an autopsy says death was from chronic chemotherapy poisoning that tells me all I need to know. Chemo is a killer in itself.

  31. I’m sure fda gets kick back from drug and food companies. If they introduce the cure who will be buying the drugs? Bad food cause illness and drug companies sell drugs

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