A Burzynski Patient Tells About Her Experience…..

A comment from ‘Wanda’ on September 6th, 2011 –

I was also a patient at Burzynski Clinic in July this year. I have stage 1v colon or ovarian cancer. Their path lab said the results were inconclusive. Strange two people who were there at the same time I was had inconclusive results also. They were the only other patients I talked to about the results. I spent three weeks in Texas at my own expense of course. Spent 35,000 at Burzynski Clinic and 4,500 more a month for sodium phenylbutyrate. This is the drug they give you to fight your cancer. As far as I can tell this is the drug given to all the patients. As soon as you pay up of course. This is the only drug I recieved from Burzynski as his targeted therapy. As far as gene testing that’s still a mystery to me.I was put on sodium phenylbutrate [working up to 3,000 mg 4 times a day 2 hrs apart with food] and chemo before any testing was done. I could of had chemo here at home and save the trip, time and money. Two other oncologist had already given me that option. One of the chemo drugs I am taking is Zeloda $3,500 at Burzynski for a 2 week supply $1,400 from other pharmacy’s. Spent $400 to talk to their nutritionist got the same info I could have gotten for free on the internet. In short it is to keep the acid level down and the alkaline level up. Their aminocare is something they suggest to all patients also. A list of it’s ingredient are on the aminocare site, or you can buy it on the internet. As far as their success rates who knows when you are on both their methods and chemo which one shrunk the tumor?         Wishing both you and your wife well. GOD BLESS

My reply –

hello, wanda.

what you’re saying matches what i saw and experienced when we went down there. i am not saying nobody gets the antineoplastons. i think it is hard to reach the point where they put you in the trials. i do believe they work. i do believe he’s a genius.

but, when it comes to the money thing and their business practices… well, they’re a little sketchy. hell, they’re really sketchy. they collect your money fast, but stall like crazy when it comes to getting insurance overages back to you. at least, that’s been my experience so far.

guess they figure you’ll die before they have to pay you back…

very unfortunate considering the stature of Dr Burzynski.


An update from ‘Wanda’ on October 19th, 2011 –

Thought I would update you on my progress. My first petscan July 12th showed activity at post op site, one to the left of it and two on the liver. Had my second petscan on Oct 12th. This is the summary of that scan. [Minimal residual activity at the dome of the liver, site of previous demonstrated abscess. This may simply represent a sequelae of the previously demonstrated abscess and not a liver metastasis. No other area of of abnormal activity is seen.]
I am hoping that spot is just scar tissue from the drainage tube used to drain the abscess in my liver. And that all the cancer is gone.
These are the treatments I have done since my diagnosis of cancer.
Surgery for blockage.
Sodium phenylbutyrate from Burzynski clinic. I took this less than 3 months as it caused my blood pressure to go dangerously high, and the price is prohibitively high for me. $4,500 a month for pills. I have good insurance but they won’t pay for this, or anyhing else from Burzynski.
I had two IV chemo treatments and three rounds of chemo pills. Will not do any more chemo treatments. They made me extremely ill, and caused other problems with my health. I was told before these treatments they would not cure me but possibly prolong my life. The only reason I consented to chemo was to possibly give me more time to find a treatment that would work. I would not do it again. I believe I would never have lived through the 13 sessions they suggested.
I did a lot of searching the net for natural cures. Almost all the sites stress a whole food or raw food diet. This go’s back to the acid alkaline diet they stressed at Burzynski. They danced all around the PH balance there without ever mentioning PH. In my search on PH balance I came across the phkillscancer site. A story on how Vernon Johnson killed his stage 1v cancer in days by raising his PH level using baking soda and molasses. I decided to give it a try. BE sure if you do this to monitor your PH level several times a day. I used only half the baking soda he did and got my PH up to 8.50 in a matter of days. I kept it there for 7 days. They say that if you can get your PH up to 8.00 and keep it there 5 days it will kill the cancer. I think the reason I only needed half as much baking soda is because I was already sticking closely to the alkaline diet, and the fact I only weighed 90 lb’s. A lot less than Mr.Johnson I am sure.
Of the three treatment I tried I think the Baking Soda, Molasses cure did it. I could feel my body getting stronger, had a lot more energy and had no desire to nap during the day. A nap everyday was a constant for me before this treatment.
For the info on this go to phkillscancer.com.
Another important thing is to think positive. I have to believe that the cancer is gone not just so small it wouldn’t show up on a scan.
Best wishes and good health to you, Wanda

My thoughts relative to ‘Wanda’s’ posts –

I think that if you can get into an antineoplaston trial and can afford the treatments Dr Burzynski is definately an option you should take a hard look at. If you can’t, then I think you can probably do as well getting treatments at a major cancer center.

As far as the high pH treatment, it might work. I don’t know enough about it. But, I  think – based on my readings of the work of Dr Emanuel Revici – that many patients won’t be able to tolerate the high pH. In fact, it might make their tumors worse.

You can read about Dr Revici by getting a copy of ‘The Doctor Who Cures Cancer’. I think you’ll find it an interesting read. You can buy it at Amazon.com. I have no affiliation with the author, and no financial incentive to recommend this book.

You can find a copy of Dr Revici’s text on this website.

Again… as always, I’m not a physician. Only a lowly pharmacist, and a crazy one at that. Talk to your physician before starting any new medication or supplement or stopping a medication regimen.




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  1. Thank you for sharing your information. We are on a fight to save our Dad’s life.
    God Bless you.

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