155 thoughts on “I Visited Burzynski’s Clinic Last Week – And I Do NOT Believe He Is A Quack!

  1. I was also a patient at Burzynski Clinic in July this year. I have stage 1v colon or ovarian cancer. Their path lab said the results were inconclusive. Strange two people who were there at the same time I was had inconclusive results also. They were the only other patients I talked to about the results. I spent three weeks in Texas at my own expense of course. Spent 35,000 at Burzynski Clinic and 4,500 more a month for sodium phenylbutyrate. This is the drug they give you to fight your cancer. As far as I can tell this is the drug given to all the patients. As soon as you pay up of course. This is the only drug I recieved from Burzynski as his targeted therapy. As far as gene testing that’s still a mystery to me.I was put on sodium phenylbutrate [working up to 3,000 mg 4 times a day 2 hrs apart with food] and chemo before any testing was done. I could of had chemo here at home and save the trip, time and money. Two other oncologist had already given me that option. One of the chemo drugs I am taking is Zeloda $3,500 at Burzynski for a 2 week supply $1,400 from other pharmacy’s. Spent $400 to talk to their nutritionist got the same info I could have gotten for free on the internet. In short it is to keep the acid level down and the alkaline level up. Their aminocare is something they suggest to all patients also. A list of it’s ingredient are on the aminocare site, or you can buy it on the internet. As far as their success rates who knows when you are on both their methods and chemo which one shrunk the tumor? Wishing both you and your wife well. GOD BLESS

    1. hello, wanda.

      what you’re saying matches what i saw and experienced when we went down there. i am not saying nobody gets the antineoplastons. i think it is hard to reach the point where they put you in the trials. i do believe they work. i do believe he’s a genius.

      but, when it comes to the money thing and their business practices… well, they’re a little sketchy. hell, they’re really sketchy. they collect your money fast, but stall like crazy when it comes to getting insurance overages back to you. at least, that’s been my experience so far.

      guess they figure you’ll die before they have to pay you back…

      very unfortunate considering the stature of Dr Burzynski.


      1. Steve: have you ever tried to medical or any back from ins. Co’s much forr things they are against or deemed unecessary by one of their non medical decision makers. I worked at a hospital. Talked to ins. Co’s before patients started treatment. Told what treatnent was. Insyrance told what pa what does not. Yet85 plus cases when time for them to pay they argue about they pay or do not; even after all was pre set before treat even began. Check Dr Burzynskis history, studies, scientific work: The attack on him and his work by ama, Fda, and pharma etc, etc. The mis use by big name hispitals after he freely allowed the to use his treatment protocols. All of this and more every day. Get your story straight .

  2. Bottom line from Burzynski critics: the guy has yet to demonstrate that his drugs work. Regardless of FDA conspiracies and the like, no one knows if the drugs he’s selling actually work. The little data he HAS published were obtained using some very questionable (dishonest?) methods. Conspiracy or not, antineoplastons have not been proven to work in any trial. At $20k-30k per month, I feel his patients are owed evidence of efficacy but Burzynski seems to have perfected the art of convincing his patients that they are owed nothing. I wish you the best, and I hope that whatever you’re doing now is working. However, I also hope that, if you do not improve with the Burzynski “therapies”, that you discontinue them quickly and, even if they do work, share your experiences with your readers. If Burzynski is a fraud, he is the worst kind – preying on the desperation of cancer patients. If he is not, then why has he been so reticent to publish his incredible results?

    1. Matt,

      Thank you for your positive wishes and feedback.

      I am by nature a very skeptical pharmacist… and before I would post anything on this site you have to know that I have investigated it extensively.

      So, let me be quite clear on this topic.

      I am not able to get my wife treatment with Dr Burzynski’s antineoplastons – or other medications related to them – because I can’t afford it.

      This really pisses me off.

      And, I must say that their business practices are probably best described as sketchy.

      But I am quite certain Dr Burzynski’s antineoplastons work – at least for some significant number of cancers, and that is something I do not believe I can say for conventional therapies if not augmented by non-traditional concepts.

      I can’t help thinking of an article I read that was published by a major Cancer Society.

      NOBODY addressed the data that had been presented.

      Instead, ALL the reviewers hid behind the fact that they didn’t like the way Dr Burzynski structured his trials and quantified his data.

      It was – in my opinion – quite a smear piece with NO redeeming value.

      One must ask oneself why this was the case.

      I will not tell you why I think it was dealt with in this manner.

      I will only say – as a person with extensive engineering, statistical analysis, and process control experience – that the concept of evidence based medicine is one that is situationally invoked to serve the strangest of purposes.

      YOU – my readers – should be pissed too!

      1. As a small business owner if I had fight legal battles against as powerful group as FDA and NCI etc for last 30 years my services will be very expensive too.
        In my opinion every single cancer patiences should have constitutional right to choose their own doctors and treatments and insurance companies should pay for it.
        The current situation makes me so angry.
        The human lives should worth more than personal egos of those burocrats or the bottom lines of those pahrma companies.

      2. if this guy was tried twice sent to 4 grand juries what ever happened to double jeopardy i guess the fda is above that

    2. Matt you really should be doing a lot more reading and checking before making statements like those above.
      Perhaps a good start would be the documentary ‘Burzynski’. Made by an independent film producer so any bias is his.
      Much documentary evidence. 200,000 pages of notes and patient records seized in a raid by FDA.
      Five grand jury trials five acqittals.
      Former jurors joining protestors ( cured patients) outside court hearings.
      Patients volunteering testimony of support in 2 congressional enquiries.
      FDA and NCI admitting they do not question the validity of the antineoplastons.
      Phase I & II trial results far superior to the comparator chemo & radiation trials.
      How much more do want?
      I am merely a very interested sideline observer who wishes to see a cure for this insidious affliction.

      Like so many pioneers he is the subject of abuse, ridicule and derision long before judgement is due.

      1. Don from Oz,
        Given Maria’s comment, I suppose I should mention that I am a working Ph.D. Biochemist (a real one, unlike Burzynski).

        Yes, the movie – I watched it before I made the post you replied to above. No bias? Why don’t you tell me how you know that? In the mean time, the claims made in the movie are questionable. I cannot be more articulate than David Gorski, who addressed this topic quite elegantly in a recent post: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/index.php/stanislaw-burzynski-bad-medicine-a-bad-movie/ Furthermore, infomercials are neither a reliable source for good information, nor the means by which legitimate scientists communicate. Ask yourself then, why was the movie made? Who was its intended audience? Who paid for it?

        It doesn’t really matter though. I also read all of Burzynski’s peer-reviewed work. It didn’t take long because there isn’t much. The ONLY work which addresses “antineoplaston” efficacy was published in a 2006 Pediatric Drugs paper. He presented a very small cohort, which surprising since he first reported isolating antineoplastons more than 23 years ago – you’d think he’d accumulated much more data in that time. This doesn’t mean it’s bad science, but his methods are vague, questionable and possibly dishonest. I can go over the specifics of that if you’d like, but I’d like to keep my comment as brief as possible.

        I should also mention his clinical trials (http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=antineoplastons&pg=1). Of his 61 clinical trials 60 are Phase II trials, 11 are actively recruiting, one of which is a Phase III trial. No data has been submitted for any trial (withdrawn, active non-recruiting, or active recruiting) to date. A Phase I FDA trial is not a test for efficacy, it is a test for toxicity. This, so far, is the sole milestone Burzynski has passed. Burzynski’s phase II trials are all “open label”, indicating that there is no control group (which there doesn’t seem to be), so advancement to the next phase is not terribly meaningful (since we have no idea how the Phase II patients would have responded had they not received the drug). In short, the mere existence of the 60 on-going Phase II trials is only evidence that his drugs are not toxic and the mere existence of a Phase III means nothing.

        So where is the data for efficacy? Even if the FDA stole patient data, we have no idea what that patient data said. Stolen or not, missing data cannot demonstrate efficacy.

        So why is Burzynski doing clinical trials at all? It’s because he can’t dispense non-FDA approved drugs unless they’re part of a clinical trial. For Burzynski, FDA trials are not a mechanism for drug approval, they’re a business model. In legitimate trials, patients are seldom expected to pay, which is why trials are so very, very expensive for drug companies. However, there seems to be no rule preventing the trial clinic from charging patients – who would pay to be part of experiment after all? Burzynski has now turned an expensive endeavor into a profitable endeavor by charging patients for his “experiment”, one which is not recorded and results from which will never be reported. In reality, it’s not an experiment at all, it’s a loophole in the drug laws. You can charge for snake oil if you first write it up as a clinical trial.

        After the Marc Stephens debacle (good synopsis here: http://www.popehat.com/2011/12/06/junk-science-and-marketeers-and-legal-threats-oh-my/), the Burzynski Clinic is losing credibility, at long last. Instead of countering his critics with evidence, he hired a thug to “manage his reputation” via threats of legal action. These are not the actions of a legitimate scientist or a legitimate physician.

        Given what I’ve just explained, the conclusions are inescapable 1) regardless of the reason, there is no efficacy data 2) Burzynski seems not think he owes patients efficacy data and 3) he’s charging patients tons of money to inject unproven drugs. Bottom line: he’s a fraud. He gives desperate people false hope for profit.

        By the way, if “from Oz” indicates that you are somehow associated with Mehmet Oz, your high-profile colleague should have his medical license revoked for promoting this charlatan.

        1. which drug company is paying you. I wonder what it would cost people if the government subsidized burzynski like it does drug companies. what drug companies are charging for there drugs is robbery so you can go back to those paying you and climb back up their ass

          1. Burzysnki’s a fraud!

            Big Pharma, please send my check to:
            Franklin Bonney
            1221 Carlton Ave.
            Longmont, CO 80501

            If you want to be a millionaire shill too, just say negative things about Burzynski and post your address. Payday!! It’s as simple as that!

        2. Let me ask you one question what is the success rate of chemo therapy? What side effects can you get from this treatment by putting toxins and treatment killing good and bad cells and your body has to fight infection this treatment makes no sense at all…to fry people’s body parts ,I think it’s a disgrace in the technology age we have today. The only reason why people use it it’s a last home and cheap to pay because it’s subsidised and it’s old technology. The system stinks and people should have choices not be put through and watch love ones to be tortured in this way with no dignity. Money plays a huge part in medicine and they love the rewards with cancer fund raising,research grants,government subsidies the PDA does not want to let go of this it’s power and control. They should be embracing people with New ideas but because it’s not their own idea they ridicule like they do with every good inventor or scientist who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Please explain the benefits of chemo and percentages of people who survive and I believe that the cancer does come back even after survival however the next time it’s strikes faster than the first. If people don’t die from chemo they die from infections or mal practice in hospitals.
          One more thing we forget how many people ever stood up in court and said that chemo was the best thing for them and they can live normal lives without feeling like a rat in a laboratory. People who said their story on Burynski DVD where genuine and emotional and believed that it cured and they saw with their eyes that it worked now that is an endorsement for any New product if you wanted to buy with real people and real stories.
          The PDA has a lot to answer for with their bullish and a lot of hot air to treat humans like lab rats.

        3. Let me ask you one question what is the success rate of chemo therapy? What side effects can you get from this treatment by putting toxins and treatment killing good and bad cells and your body has to fight infection this treatment makes no sense at all…to fry people’s body parts ,I think it’s a disgrace in the technology age we have today. The only reason why people use it it’s a last hoped and cheap to pay because it’s subsidised and it’s old technology. The system stinks and people should have choices not be put through and watch love ones to be tortured in this way with no dignity. Money plays a huge part in medicine and they love the rewards with cancer fund raising,research grants,government subsidies the PDA does not want to let go of this it’s power and control. They should be embracing people with New ideas but because it’s not their own idea they ridicule like they do with every good inventor or scientist who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Please explain the benefits of chemo and percentages of people who survive and I believe that the cancer does come back even after survival however the next time it’s strikes faster than the first. If people don’t die from chemo they die from infections or mal practice in hospitals.
          One more thing we forget how many people ever stood up in court and said that chemo was the best thing for them and they can live normal lives without feeling like a rat in a laboratory. People who said their story on Burynski DVD where genuine and emotional and believed that it cured and they saw with their eyes that it worked now that is an endorsement for any New product if you wanted to buy with real people and real stories.
          The PDA has a lot to answer for with their bullshit and a lot of hot air to treat humans like lab rats.

          1. Burzynski is a doctor who owns a pharmaceutical company that produces and sells chemicals called antineoplastons. Burzynski administers antineoplastons to his patients. He charges a lot of money for this chemotherapy, which has not been shown to work. It IS chemotherapy, and Burzynski DOES own a pharmaceutical company.

            Stop being naive. He is a villian. You don’t want to believe he is (because you’re probably a good person), but the facts are very clear. He’s not a hero, he’s a cancer profiteer who wants you to believe he’s a persecuted hero. That’s what villians do – they make you believe they are the victims.

        4. The current mainstream cancer treatment is not successful. The treatment itself has killed four people very close to me. It’s my life and my body and I should be able to choose the kind of medical treatment I want. After more than 60 years, the “war on cancer” has not produced a cure. It’s time to allow different treatments. I think many feel the way I do: “If I’m going to die anyway, I should be allowed to choose the treatment that won’t make me sick and weak for all the time I have remaining.”

        5. Then get off the internet creating propaganda, and start looking into a cute for cancer. See what happens to your job when your employer find out what you’re researching.

          FDA & Cancer Instutute will not accept cures or treatments unless they come from corporations. A true* “human” doctor will not accept charging $1M for treatment that only costs $300k. Agree and you should* start thinking about what is and what isn’t truth… after you read the bylaws that restricts Burzynski from treating and curing.

          Simple minds can pretend to be scholars online, but sceptics who know how their own bodies work, can sort through the BS.

        6. If you had Cancer you would have a better understanding of things, you sound a bit full of yourself, why not contact someone who has been cured by the clinic and check out their story, I have talked to many of them, sadly many who could have been helped will die because of your blog, what a shame, sadly you will be forgiven when your end arrives, sleep tight while you can, I am happy to identity myself, Ron Gent in California

      2. Correction:

        The sentence: “The ONLY work which addresses “antineoplaston” efficacy was published in a 2006 Pediatric Drugs paper.”

        should read: “The ONLY work which seemingly demonstrates “antineoplaston” efficacy was published in a 2006 Pediatric Drugs paper.”

        Parenthetically, Jen McCreight has made some interesting and potentially embarrassing observations about Burzynski’s publication record: http://freethoughtblogs.com/blaghag/2011/11/a-look-at-the-burzynski-clinics-publications/

        1. Many cures of cancers have emerged many times such as the Royal Rife, Essiac Tea and then Light Cell therapy experiment, in 2008 at NIHA they conducted and experiment that cured all the mice that had cancer and did not damage any of the surrounding tissue. It was a brilliant success so they pulled the plug on it. How come DMSO combined with 1/10 chemo work together and only target cancer cells and again doesn’t damage the healthy tissue? An MD was doing exactly this with his patients successfully treating them and of course he is no longer practicing medicine

          Burzinksky fight is to give people safer options and giving them at a chance of life…..he is fighting for humanity .

          The question is who has to power to halt cures that would end human suffering ? Who benefits from that …motivation, opportunity it is simple equation just follow whoever is saying “showing me the money” and the answer will be there somewhere

          Now imagine a group of people living in a village that don’t ever get cancer ever! A herd of scientist were sent to figure out why .
          They all ate a natural item that cost five cents . This was ground breaking, but did that make it on the cover of any paper? An attempt was made to make sure that five cent item was not permitted to be imported here , but that didn’t work because it was natural safe item
          This is a true story.

          Now show me the money people… if all of their grandchildren all had cancer they would ask for big a truck load delivery of this five cent item .

          People need to get educated on their options for cancer ….well you need to know your options because if the time comes you need to make an
          informed decision.

          To me chemo is from the dark ages, the MD giving you something so toxic so poisonous and if your body survives the poisoning well you’ve won the battle but you might have side effects and decrease your life to five years. One day doctor will look back at this practice and shake their heads.

          1. What is the 5 cent item? My wife is stage 4 GBM and has exhausted every treatment option according to Sloan Kettering. Kettering. We need a cure, now! I am thinking of contacting Dr B

      3. That’s a perfect summary Don. Our greedy government and medical profession is more interested in profitable treatments than cures, and the patient suffers.

        1. Is it, Rick? Is it a “perfect summary”? Because it seems a lot like paranoid, conspiracy theory summary. Apparently, your definition of “perfect” is the same as the usual definition of “bullshit”.

          1. I would like to point out the incestuous relationship between Big Pharma and the FDA. This is so very easy to research. The former CEOs of large pharmaceutical companies have been appointed to run the FDA and then after they leave the government position, they go right back to work for a pharmaceutical company. I find this practice sleazy because they are obviously heavily biased. I work in a doctors office and have looked up theses “studies” in the favored periodicals. Every one has been disingenuous in the approach and reporting results has multiple holes. I do not have a PhD nor any other degree to wave around. I only know that I have had enough education to the human body, the necessity of good nutrition and when the drug reps come into our office, I can understand every word. I don’t believe the results they tout as they are only parroting what is fed to them from the “mother ship”. Why is it that almost every MD program at the nationwide universities does not require a semester or two of nutrition? I will explain, because the pharmaceutical industry is funding the programs throughout the country and they have been allowed to dictate the curriculum. You think this is false information, I dare you to research it with a critical eye. I suspect you, yourself work for one of the major drug producing criminals.
            Yes, I say criminals because they bully any other individual who has a safer solution is bullied out of existence or heavily controlled by the FDA AKA Big Pharma. The results of the so called studies performed on the latest drug are skewed. The number of “success” are heavily inflated. Whistle blowers have indeed come forward. Why doesn’t the mainstream media report it? Well, why didn’t the mainstream media report that all four of the Civil Rights Bills were only passed because over 80% of Republicans voted in favor while an average of 18% of Democrats voted in favor. Why do the history books (written by significantly left leaning professors) give credit to the Democrats? I just wanted you to think rather than repeat what you been told to believe.

      4. I totally agree!!! People ask why patients who are given no hope, whatsoever, with or without chemo and/or radiation therapy are denied Dr. Burzynski’s treatment when they have nothing to lose. I truly believe it’s as simple as the FDA not wanting the cure of a hopeless case. It’s not about the FDA wanting to protect the life of a dying person. It’s about protecting their dollars! Imagine the big money that would no longer be made by big Pharma and doctors for chemo, radiation, endless scans, etc. if an “ACTUAL” cure were to be discovered! Money is truly the root of all evil!

    3. Hi Matt,
      I just came across this article & started reading the comments ..It is easy to be a skeptic.. one should be..I believe all resources should be looked at & weighed of course all resources can be debated.
      I know you don’t me..But close friends mine had WONDERFUL results with Dr. B. Jack & Marianne Kunarri have a son Dustin he is now in his 20s & just recently got married. When Dustin was 2yrs old he diagnosis with a deadly brain tumor.. They fought congress as well as others he was able to get Dr. Bs treaments WITHOUT chemo.. but it was a fight.. his treatment s do work.. There is never 100% guarantee with any treatment. The FDA has set it up that for anyone to see Dr. B you have to have started chemo.. double edged sword there because chemo kills all your cells including the good ones so by the time you get to Dr. B or with Dr. B your cure rate is like 30% verses 60% & above …Its as almost tho the FDA doesn’t want you cured they have st it up as a catch 22..Dustin had side effects from the treatment that he received & he is cured..Another thing like to point its expensive because of without FDA approval insurance maybe wont cover it…I want to respond to you & encourage you to Google Dustin Kunarri he is a neat young man and a real person.
      thank you.

      1. Great for Dustin. You’ve missed Matt’s point entirely though. No evidence. Evidence is a fair test of a drug. Are more people cured on the drug + standard care vs. standard care alone? One “cured” person is not evidence, it’s an anecdote at best, arguably an urban legend. The simpler explanation is that Dustin was cured before he walked into the Burzynski Clinic. Unfortunately, Burzynski doesn’t feel an obligation to rigorously test his drugs or to publish his work, so we’ll never really know.

          1. I think a jackass is a person who uses an incomplete story about a child with cancer to support his/her flawed logic.

    4. Ifcthis is the case, why did the orthodoxy try to steal his formula while he was before a grand jury (which by the way failed 4X)

    5. Why do you people at minimum ask these questions of your local and other hospitals…. who by their own numbers kill some 2 to 3 milliom people a year

  3. Thought I would update you on my progress. My first petscan July 12th showed activity at post op site, one to the left of it and two on the liver. Had my second petscan on Oct 12th. This is the summary of that scan. [Minimal residual activity at the dome of the liver, site of previous demonstrated abscess. This may simply represent a sequelae of the previously demonstrated abscess and not a liver metastasis. No other area of of abnormal activity is seen.]
    I am hoping that spot is just scar tissue from the drainage tube used to drain the abscess in my liver. And that all the cancer is gone.
    These are the treatments I have done since my diagnosis of cancer.
    Surgery for blockage.
    Sodium phenylbutyrate from Burzynski clinic. I took this less than 3 months as it caused my blood pressure to go dangerously high, and the price is prohibitively high for me. $4,500 a month for pills. I have good insurance but they won’t pay for this, or anyhing else from Burzynski.
    I had two IV chemo treatments and three rounds of chemo pills. Will not do any more chemo treatments. They made me extremely ill, and caused other problems with my health. I was told before these treatments they would not cure me but possibly prolong my life. The only reason I consented to chemo was to possibly give me more time to find a treatment that would work. I would not do it again. I believe I would never have lived through the 13 sessions they suggested.
    I did a lot of searching the net for natural cures. Almost all the sites stress a whole food or raw food diet. This go’s back to the acid alkaline diet they stressed at Burzynski. They danced all around the PH balance there without ever mentioning PH. In my search on PH balance I came across the phkillscancer site. A story on how Vernon Johnson killed his stage 1v cancer in days by raising his PH level using baking soda and molasses. I decided to give it a try. BE sure if you do this to monitor your PH level several times a day. I used only half the baking soda he did and got my PH up to 8.50 in a matter of days. I kept it there for 7 days. They say that if you can get your PH up to 8.00 and keep it there 5 days it will kill the cancer. I think the reason I only needed half as much baking soda is because I was already sticking closely to the alkaline diet, and the fact I only weighed 90 lb’s. A lot less than Mr.Johnson I am sure.
    Of the three treatment I tried I think the Baking Soda, Molasses cure did it. I could feel my body getting stronger, had a lot more energy and had no desire to nap during the day. A nap everyday was a constant for me before this treatment.
    For the info on this go to phkillscancer.com.
    Another important thing is to think positive. I have to believe that the cancer is gone not just so small it wouldn’t show up on a scan.
    Best wishes and good health to you, Wanda

      1. Do you really think understanding the science of cancer therapy involves simply asking people if something they tried works for them?

        People will claim all sorts of things cure cancer. People claim prayer cures cancer, people claim magnet bracelets cure cancer, people claim a raw food diet cures cancer. Anecdotes are meaningless.

        If someone takes baking soda and then their cancer goes away it doesn’t mean anything in anecdote form. A certain amount of people will survive cancer no matter what happens, so whatever they take will appear to be a cure if you rely only on anecdote.

        That’s why you need scientific studies to distinguish between random chance and actual efficacy.

        If you really think baking soda is an effective cure for cancer, why wouldn’t they use that instead of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy which causes many harmful side effects?

        Oh I know right, cause the medical industry doesn’t want to cure you, just make money, and there’s no money in baking soda…

        Course that explains nations like the UK who have non-profit medicine and still use chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

        If you are looking for a cancer cure with no side effects you will be sold snake oil.

        If you are not willing to put the effort in to understand what science is and why science works and why anecdotes are not science you’re going to get shitty treatments and your going to die early.

        1. Just to let everyone know a treatment for tumors I had in my nose that had my airways in both nostrils plugged up. I got rid of them while trying to clean out my arteries to my heart after a bout with heart disease. My doctor tried for over a year to get me to have surgery which I did not want. In my protocol I ate 2 pints of blueberries a week and drank a half a gallon of diet cranberry juice and with in six months I noticed that I could breath better. I asked another doctor to look up my nose and he told me it was clear as a whistle. A few months later I saw my nose, ear and throat doctor for another problem and told him to look in and he was shocked to see not even a trace of the tumors and he then asked me how I got rid of them. He told me later that he now tells his patients that have these tumors my story before he does surgery if they want to try it. There is other hope for people out here.

        2. John, do you have ANY understanding of human physiology? My guess is, no. Since you don’t understand how the body works, your response is moot. It demonstrates true ignorance.

        3. And your faith lies in what the FDA tells you, good luck with that ! Did you think non profit means they make no money, uninformed, follow the leader and lose ur life !

      2. Who does the baking soda treatment I live in the buffalo new york area my brother was just diagnosed with bladder cancer and prostate cancer . Please help.

        1. Nancy,
          My husband is T4N1 Gleason 9 prostate cancer. Given the life span of 18-24 months Nov 2009. It had spread all over his prostate, wall of his bladder, seminal vesicles, the area around te to state and in a lymph node. No options other than Lupron and radiation. Neither were considered a cure, just to improve the quality of his life and slow his very aggressive cancer down. He will tell you not to skip conventionl medicine. I found Vernon, “Vito’s” site using baking soda to kill cancer.
          Long story short, he followed the baking soda regime for 10 days. He typically eats mostly vegetables and almonds, a little chicken and fish. He can’t digest red meat, that’s from the radiation.
          He does his baking soda thing about every 6-8 weeks. The rest of the time he eats and drinks whatever. He doctors took him off Lupron to see what would happen. His testosterone has increased to a normal level, for his age (61) and his PSA is .2, which his urology oncologist thinks is great as he still has a prostate. It would be considered a failure if he had his prostate removed. So far, he’s beating the projections for one with his grade cancer.
          His drs are interested in being soda, but without clinical trials, it’s not protocol so they can’t recommend it to patients.
          He gave the baking soda protocol he follows to a friend’s husband who is on watchful waiting. He did it. The follow-up biopsy, no cancer.
          Oh, scans my husband had, no cancer. We know a few more successful cancer cases.
          People who think this is too simple…..one day someone was chewing on the bark of a tree and his headache went away…asprin. Mold on bread…penicillin .
          The baking soda thing is easy to do. Do it for 10 days. Vito’s website has changed quite a bit since I saw it in January 2010. But, what he did is still there. Phkillscancer.com
          Forget the garbage about the wacko Siminelli in Italy.
          I know this post is late and hope you get to see it.

          1. So it wasn’t the Lupron, or the radiation that your husband was receiving in parallel to the baking soda that drove his cancer into remission, it was the baking soda? How do you know that?

  4. Dear Steve

    I am a physician from the West Indies who has recently been researching Burzynski. I truly hope that your wife’s disease remains stable for a long, long time. Cherish and enjoy all your good days as indeed we should all be doing.

    Steve, you should not feel any guilt about the fact that you cannot afford Burzynski’s treatment.

    The Burzynski’s clinic’s pitch uses the same time honored formulae of all snake oil dealers. More importantly Burzynski’s publications are all in weak journals, in addition the science is week. To follow is my critique of one of his articles on brain stem tumors entitled “Targeted therapy with Antineoplastons A10 and AS2-1 of High Grade, Recurrent and Progressive Brainstem Glioma”.

    1. The paper is published in the journal Integrative Cancer Therapies, the web site of which describes it as a “peer-reviewed quarterly journal focused on the scientific understanding of alternative medicine and traditional medicine therapies, and their responsible integration with conventional health care.”. The editorial board of this journal includes Ralph Moss, PhD who has written about Burzynski in his book The Cancer Industry.

    2. In the paper both adults and children are included in the same cohort. However it is well documented that the biology of brain stem tumors is very different between adults and children. As emphasized in a paper published last month in the respected journal Neuro-Oncology entitled “treatment of High Grade glioma in children and adolescents”, by Macdonald et al, 13 (10): 1049-1058, it is stated that “Efforts to develop effective therapies for HGGs in children may not be able to rely on progress made with adult high grade gliomas (HGGS). While the histology of HGGs between adults and children appear identical , the biology of the tumors may vary significantly.”

    3. Burzynski also includes different types of brain stem tumors in his paper, although the majority are DIPG, exophytic, cervico-medullary and multifocal tumors are also included. The paper “A Clinico-Pathological Reappraisal of Brain Stem Tumor Classification” by Fisher et al from Johns Hopkins (Cancer, Oct, 2000, Vol 89 (7) ) elegantly explains the difference in prognosis between the various brain stem tumors.

    4. If one teases out the children under 10 from Burzynski’s paper the overall survival from diagnosis is 11 months. No different from that obtained with radiation therapy.This is in opposition to the overall 5 year survival of 22% that is stated in the paper.

    5. The point is that parents of unfortunate children with diffuse pontine glioma could look at this paper and come away with the conclusion that their child could have a 22% chance of survival with antineoplaston treatment.

    6. This is intellectual fraud.

    In conclusion, I remain unconvinced about the validity of Burzynski’s work.

    Maria Bartholomew, MBBS, FRCP

    1. Gee, how totally . . . epcexted. Thanks for the writeup though. Burzynski may call himself a swan, but so far it looks to me like he quacks like a duck and walks like a duck. or perhaps more to the point he ducks like a quack.

    2. And I hope you stay that way Ms Bartholomew, in conclusion I find you are an idiot, and I am sure you are not a Christian, just die quietly when your time comes !

      1. And Ron Gent, as a Christian, I’m reasonably assured that you’re not a Christian, or at very least that you are in serious need to evaluate yourself to see if in fact you are in the faith. What a hateful thing to say!

  5. The only patients who qualify for the Antineoplastons IV are usually brain tumor patients. There is so much publicity about them and very few patients are on them. FDA must approve the patient being placed on them, hence FDA trial. Everyone gets the same meds,otherwise all developed by other pharmaceutical companies..and you will pay at least $35,000 plus..and the chance of the doctor at home working with you is slim to none..there are no peer reviews for prescribing many of the monoclonal antibodies that are prescribed off label. And most patients receive standard chemo which you can get at home.No scientific evidence to show than any of these drugs prescribed off label have any effect on the cancer, these other medications are too new only the pocketbook is affected or rather emptied. I know what I am saying I worked there for years…How could all the patients regardless of the type of cancer all be on the same meds. There was no FDA conspiracies. Someone has been reading too many spy novels. He could not do what he was doing at the time nor could any other doctor in the U.S., and if they were doing what he was doing they would have been hauled to court also. This is a case of someone who is going to come to this country and do whatever they wish and then scream prejudice. Get a reality grip..Why is it that any relative of anyone who worked at the clinic and came down with cancer went to MDA, in the medical center..ask yourself that one?

    1. No FDA conspiracy Four times they brought him before a grand jury. Four times they failed to indict, causing a lawmaker to remark, ” the FDA could indict a ham sandwich”

    2. Alexandria,
      Can you give us your number please. my dad was diagnoged with stage 4 brain cancer and were thinking of taking him there. Please contact me if you can: 818-564-3256

  6. My friends mom just passed from cancer. I had been reading and searching around for quite sometime. I do designs for a clinical trial company too. I think the strangest part of burzynski is the money. No where have I seen cost associated with the manufacturing of his meds. I know that its big pharm paying people to do clinical trials, but still I would think burzynski would want this approved and mass distributed. It’s like why take a chance at going into a encyclopedia for the wrong reasons. Good luck to any and all in the fight for being healthy.

    1. “still I would think burzynski would want this approved and mass distributed”
      Sure he would, just like any other drug company like his would. But ANPs are ineffective against cancers, so he can’t actually complete the trials he’s been approved to do, because then he’s out of business.

    1. Crystal, would you. care to clarify who “the naysayers” are? Your statement could be interpreted to support either side of this issue.

    1. Yeah, not so much. It tells the story Burzynski has paid the director to depict. Not exactly the “whole story”. Far from it, in fact.

  7. Sure seems to be a lot of haters on this site. What is your motivation to discredit Burzynski? At the end of the day, the consumer chooses whether or not to pay for the treatment. How does this affect you in any way at all? If people want to pay $35k to treat themselves of this awful disease, then so be it. If the treatments are not effective as the haters claim, in due time the market (patients) will not buy his product. How many people do you know these days who buy snake oil? None, because those charlatans were called out many years ago. Let the facts play out, stop being jealous and haters.

    1. Do you really think medical frauds no longer exist? Consider for just a second that Burzynski is a fraud, and that he’s peddling placebos or whatever. Just consider it for a second. The Burzynski you’re imagining is then charging $100,000 for a year of ineffective treatment. It’s fairly binary, isn’t it? If his drugs work, he’s a tormented hero, and if they don’t work it means he’s preying on sick and desperate people. Don’t you think his patients, who pay so much money in a desperate attempt not to die, are owed a modicum of proof that he is the hero he claims to be? In the last 40 years, I would think he’d have sufficient data to satisfy the FDA. But he hasn’t, and the most likely reason, given the dearth of data he’s published already, is that they’re just not effective. I care because people drive their own families to ruin, just to pay For Burzynski’s mansion and, as someone who can understand primary science literature, I feel a duty to speak up, since voices like mine are the only opposition to frauds like Burzynski. For him, clinical trials are just a way to make a ton of money from dispensing ineffective and non-approved drugs.. And no, no one I know has ever been defrauded by him or anyone like him. I’m just a guy who thinks the sick and desperate should be protected from parasites like Stanislaw Burzynski.

    2. “What is your motivation to discredit Burzynski?” – Warning other people that he is a quack so that they don’t throw their savings at him, that is the motivation.
      Really, why do you ask? Lots of good statements here. You might disagree with them but the intention is obvious.
      P.S.: Ever seen his humble little home? http://www.tanoro.com/images/burzynski-home-map-sm.png

    3. What is your motivation to promote Burzynski? If people want to say negative things about Burzynski, how does it affect you in any way at all?

    4. name-calling won’t detour those who have a personal stake in this discussion from voicing their concerns or the conclusions they’re coming to. I’ve seen a lot of rancor from the Burz-side of the street, so let’s not reduce this discussion to vain attempts at marginalizing those who aren’t all aboard on the Burz-bus, okay? We’re not haters. and all the vile accusations you and others might levy to our account amount to mere, cheap tricks. I’ve got legitimate concerns, having been diagnosed with Glioblastoma. There are many cures for cancer, if taken in concert with other health remedies. Anyone sincerely searching owed it to themselves to feret out the real from that posing as real. Does the sincere desire to know the truth make us haters? I’d say that your statements make you more of a hater than those who come to conclusions different from your own.

    1. It is not at all a list of studies from the National Cancer Institute.
      It is a list of publications on Antineoplastons on the website of the National Cancer Institute.
      Not studies, not their work, nothing that proves efficacy.
      If you have a study that proves the efficacy, please tell us which one and where you found it.

  8. We want my sister to try this but the treatment is so expensive, what is the how much down payment will they take? Then how much monthly? Does anyone know? Thank you!

    1. My daughter got two different quotes on the treatments from two reps there at the Burzynski clinic. The first one told the monthly costs $4.000 per month. Then a few days later, when she called back, another lady told her the monthly costs were around $7,000 per month. And all that is after shelling out in the neighborhood of $35,000 for the initial 5-8 days at the clinic, where they reported they would do “individualized testing”. But from all I’m reading here from professionals in the field, they are saying that everyone gets the same treatment, and apparently it includes chemotherapy, which someone can get anywhere, and all covered by insurance. And someone on medicare, this is huge! Not to mention the deliterious effects of chemo. So I’m not at all assured that his success stories amount to a lot, given that the highest figure they tout is about a 25 “success” rate, and that it includes chemotherapy, a procedure covered elsewhere by medicare. And how do they count success? Living another five years? Is it really worth all that extra money for a few more years, when all that money could have gone to your loved ones in living their lives? These things and much more are worth considering. There are alternative treatments that an informed researcher could work into a regular protocol. One’s own diet are a key factor, and together in an overall protocol could extend life for years. I’m convinced of this. And frequency thereapies like the Rife machine can kill tumors instantly! It’s worth looking into, isn’t it?

  9. I have a baby being treated with Antineoplastoms right now. I choose to remain anonymous because I do not want people to bother us or use her as an example. I actually hate seeing threads like this, so i am posting the truth for anyone who cares to read this. The treatments are working for her. Her brain tumor is shrinking and it is stunning. Our options were to do surgery and chemo. Chemo has not proven to work either, surgery would severely limit her. Most chemo doesn’t even penetrate the brain.Then what if the tumor grows back after surgery because they usually do? I have a sick, physically and mentally impaired child with a brain tumor. I had to try this no matter the cost. We only prepared to pay for 2-3 months at first. If the treatment doesn’t work after 2 months then you need to try something else and they will not even let you continue if it’s not working. We are now on 4 months.
    You can expect 25,000 – 30,000 the first month. This includes MRI and port surgery which you can get done at home and not have to pay. It also includes seeing a doctor everyday, getting nurse training for about 3 hours a day, and all the supplies. You have to pay for IV bags, tubing, saline flushes, dressing change kits etc… These things are not free and seeing a doctor everyday costs money too. People do not realize how much you are trained and you case is reviewed. It would cost more than that anywhere else. Her brain biopsy and week in the hospital was 3x that.
    Now home, we get charged 7600 a month. They billed our insurance but they do not have electronic billing, so the insurance takes forever to build claims. Our actual bill is more than 7600 but that is what we pay. $395 a day for maintenance – doctors review our case and call us daily, plus all the supplies. Antineoplastoms are not charged and they ship them every two weeks. If insurance does not end up paying, we are not responsible for the additional charges. You have to get MRIs every 6-8 weeks and have a local doctor that agrees to help you. He/she has to give you an evaluation visit and reports to the clinic once a month, you never need to return to the clinic. We have several doctors and nurses helping us. Lots of people are involved in our baby’s care. We have regular blood tests and do our visits to make sure she is healthy and can stay on treatment .
    When the tumor is gone, complete response, they keep you on a lighter dose that includes the oral PB for 8 months because they say 8 months seems to be the appropriate amount of time for the tumor to not come back.
    IV Antineoplastons are for brain tumors. Oral PB and sometimes tiny doses of chemo are used for other cancers. Both of these treatments work to make cells and genes do what they are supposed to do without killing good healthy ones. If your gene is covered in the Antineoplastons, you are very fortunate. Sometimes brain stem tumors are too tricky to treat because the ANP makes the tumor swell a little before it starts to shed cells, that’s another reason why not everyone can use it. The brain stem can’t always take anymore swelling. I made a friend while I was at the clinic. We kept in touch after we left. She was put on PB for lymphoma and her cancer was gone in 4 weeks. She had a little bit of diarrhea as her only side effect, but maybe that was all the Mexican food, who knows but it sure beats chemo. IV Antineoplaston side effects are extreme thirst and tiredness. My baby drinks about a liter of water a day. The tiredness adjusted after a day or two and she just takes an extra hour nap. It is not an easy treatment, it is constant and rigorous. We are tired and always wondering what she is feeling. We are so glad she is not suffering the ill effects of chemo and surgery. I wish this treatment could be tried by all these kids with brain tumors. They deserve the chance to at least try what won’t hurt them first before treatments that do hurt them. I’m actually pretty mad it’s not available to everyone. I know it can’t always work because maybe someone needs surgery right away or the genes are not covered by the ANP, but everyone deserves a chance to try it. Some day I will have a louder voice on this, but right now I just want my baby to be cured and that is what I’m focusing on.
    If you want to write negative posts about how Dr. Burzynski can’t prove anything, show me proof that chemo and radiation work because all I see is proof that they cure nothing and mess people up. It is all a big experiment aka clinical trial. Do not judge someone for thinking outside the box. Until you, or God forbid your child, is suffering from cancer do not make judgements on people looking for alternative treatments. I don’t care how much it costs out of pocket- it’s actually cheaper than modern medicine. It is worth the risk if you have a month or two to try it.

  10. Sorry for all the typos, I’m using a phone to post. Bottom line, my baby is so healthy and happy you would never know she had a tumor if you did not see her hooked up to her pump. She could be partially paralyzed from surgery and deathly sick from chemo if we would not have known about the Burzynski Clinic. I know we are not out of this fight yet, but we are so happy we were able to try Antineoplastons.

    1. Plz help! My 16 yr old grand daughter was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She has a mass on her spleen, collar bone, fluid around 1 lung that has decreased it’s six and function to 1/2 the size of her other lung, a mass or masses in her chest cavity and enlarged liver. I am an LPN and LOATH the thought of chemo and radiation due to it’s deadly side effects. I know that your time is very precious but I would ask you to send ANY info you have about Burzynski’s treatments, antineoplastins therapy, or other alternative treatments for cancer. They want to start chemo and radiation NOW so time is crucial!!!! Plz help!!! May God bless you and your child and send PEACE to each of you. Thanks in advance.

  11. One more thing to add… The Burzynski clinic is curing my daughter so you know I am a believer. But, if I’m diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, he will not treat me because of the FDA. I would have to use traditional medicine first, have it fail, then the FDA would allow me to have Dr. Burzynski treat me. This is so wrong!!


      1. There are different onoptis and though they all have side effects, he should look into radioactive implants. They are tiny seeds which do not harm those around him and seem to be better than the surgical resection and/ or radiation. He just needs to have a explanation of all the onoptis and statistics. If he is older like 70 it progresses less quickly.


          1. Right, you have to have been a patient of Burzynski’s to know if ANPs cure cancer.

            That reminds me, I have discovered that drinking motor oil cures cancer. By your logic, you HAVE to believe me because you’ve never tried drinking motor oil to cure cancer.

            OMG, EVERYONE’s a shill here, aren’t they?

    2. How is your daughter doing? You posted about Bursynski about 5 years ago.
      My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 gliobastoma and is currently in Houston trying to get started with him. But I saw a few red flags and now Im questioning his treatment and efficacy.
      I will appreciate a response. Thanks you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  12. We are obviously losing ground with conventional cancer treatment, because the death rates keep going up. The reason for this is because conventional treatment is based on a faulty standard: That the body must be purged of cancer by aggressive and toxic methods such as surgery chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This, of course, seemed reasonable back in 1894 when William Halsted, M.D. did the first radical mastectomy, but it has proven to be so wrong over the last 50 years that continuing to adhere to it constitutes more fraud than honest mistake. However, this standard still dominates conventional cancer therapy, and until that changes, we will continue to lose ground with cancer.

    Dr. Whitaker, a firm believer in Dr. Moss’ work and alternative cancer therapy goes on to give some of his personal views:

    Statistics Don’t Tell the Real Story

    What is lost in the unemotional statistic of 500,000 cancer deaths per year is how those people died. Dr. Whitaker goes on to say more about the treatment of cancer: In my opinion, conventional cancer therapy is so toxic and dehumanizing that I fear it far more than I fear death from cancer. We know that conventional therapy doesn’t work — if it did, you would not fear cancer any more than you fear pneumonia. It is the utter lack of certainty as to the outcome of conventional treatment that virtually screams for more freedom of choice in the area of cancer therapy. Yet most so-called alternative therapies regardless of potential or proven benefit, are outlawed, which forces patients to submit to the failures that we know don’t work, because there’s no other choice.

    1. Is that so Rutryin? Really? Or maybe we just have more cases of cancer because people live a hell of a lot longer these days than they did a hundred years ago?

      1. Please tell me why then that cancer rates have exponentially increased among the 20-30 age group? Have they lived too long? Parents are now routinely burying their young adult children or for that matter their older adult children. It is not always the elderly that end up with the cancer.

        1. Where is this statistic? I’d be happy to explain it if you tell me where you got that statistic.

  13. There’s a whole lot of internet shills going on here. I would not worry much about the so called “doctors” who make posts here. I mean what doctor goes out of their way to make a such an elaborate post, if you want to call it elaborate. Most shill agencies are given various writings with which to reference via their employers or use in house stock writings if none are supplied. But given the fact that billions of dollars and thousands of jobs on the line, you can bet your ass they are going to hire the best and use the most shady of practices to try and suppress anything by Doctor Burzynski and his associates.

    Those who control the flow of medicine are very threatened by this doctor. Big Pharama could stand to lose billions of dollars if any of the cures locked away make it into the world. But they failed to properly lock Burzynskis work away and now have to fight hard to keep it suppressed.

    1. Don’t you think the simpler explanation is just that antineoplastons don’t work? Instead of this huge conspiracy where the drug companies and the FDA are trying to suppress a brilliant man’s invention, don’t you think it’s more plausible that antineoplastons are just a bad drug that a guy invested too much in, and he’s afraid his career would mean nothing if their true clinical utility was discovered. I don’t care if you think I’m a shill for your b

    2. …ig conspiracy theory. I just hope others who read this will do their own research and see that there are reasons to think that Burzynski is not a hero.

    3. Always funny. No evidence at all yet absolutely sure that anybody disagreeing is a shill. So everybody is lying and cheating and just out for the money? Then why is it so obvious to you, that Dr. Burzynski is the big exception to your rule? Really, why? Any reason at all?

      P.S.: Unfortunately I don’t get paid by big Pharma. But would love to.
      Big Pharma: please consider this my application ;-P

  14. One thing i think the video demonstrates is that its indeed money that rules this world of medicines. Because the big pharmaceutical companies finance the experiments of the medicines they themselves are interested in selling (and thereby ofcourse also running the risk of investing in less effective medicines), they are not interested in sponsoring research into a medicine to which someone else (dr Burzynski in this case) holds the patents. Why would a commercial company? But in this case even worse, if the medicine indeed works as good as claimed, it would put their profit with the current medicines at risk. Its simple logic and one that compells to listen.

    And there is where it starts to get frustrating. Because I just dont know if the story is true or not. I think nobody not directly related can judge on that, based on some internetblogs and articles. You only make your estimation based on the behaviour of the people involved/credibility of arguments. But are the patients testimonies real? Who makes the selection of these testimonies? Why would the FDA go so hard in court for a medicine they themselves declare is not harmfull? Why in gods name is it obligated to pay the FDA for their work of judging? Why did the former colleage try to get the patents, why would the cancer insitution indorse this? Why isn’t the drug tested abroad, where the influence of the FDA is supposed to be less? When Burzynski talks of thousands of patient dossiers being taken, how come his so far published studies contain not even a fragment of that amount of patients?

    The possibility of this story being true makes my blood boil, and yet there is no way to check anything, because there is no substantial evidence (really small amount of patients) in the scientific database at my disposal (pubmed). Is the publication of these articles being blocked? The problem is also that the credibility of an author in the medical field is much less if there are no other doctors quoting this doctor and also if the stature of the magazines in which the articles are published is not very high. I mean, the results are in not very good magazines and practically all of the references are to his own work. In the traditional way of looking at the quality of a medical article this has not a lot of credibility, but how open is this traditional way of looking for completely new approaches to medicine? An approach that doesnt allow you to quote twenty other doctors, because its discovery isn’t the result of a slowly built model, but rather a leap.

    I really hope more studyresults come in, so I can at least, on a medical level, judge what i believe about this medicine.

    1. I posted this way down at the bottom, but it was supposed to be a reply to you, PJ:

      “…they are not interested in sponsoring research into a medicine to which someone else (dr Burzynski in this case) holds the patents.”

      SB is cleared to do the trials. And, despite that his house is worth $6M, he’s charging patients to participate in those trials. Why would he need a sponsor if he’s cleared for the trials and his patients are funding the trials?

      “But are the patients testimonies real? Who makes the selection of these testimonies?”

      SB does, since SB commissioned the movie.

      Why in gods name is it obligated to pay the FDA for their work of judging?”

      That’s how it works – you pay the FDA to evaluate your claim. The payoff is huge – if your drug passes, you get to market it, and insurance companies will start paying for it. It’s like asking why we have to pay for college. It’s because it costs money to evaluate, and someone has to pay. It’s an investment that pays off, if you pass the evaluations.

      “When Burzynski talks of thousands of patient dossiers being taken, how come his so far published studies contain not even a fragment of that amount of patients?”

      It’s because he’s not performing a clinical trial. He’s found a way to dispense worthless drugs without FDA clearing the drug for general use. The movie is ridiculous – it’s meant to distract you from the real problem, which is that SB has had 40 years to demonstrate that antineoplastons work. He has been given permission to do so by the FDA. His patients are expected to pay for their own care out of pocket, providing the funding for the trial. SB is also making a handsome profit, apparent in that he owns a $6M home. You should be frustrated, but this has been going on for decades. SB has the resources and ample opportunity to demonstrate that antineoplastons work. But he hasn’t done it. Instead, he pleads his case in appeals to emotion and anecdotes in feature-length infomercials that he, himself has funded. But it’s a distraction. He’s buying time. As long as he maintains some doubt that he is a cancer profiteer, uninformed people will support him and he’ll continue to prey off on the desperately sick by giving them false hope. He is very smart, but it’s not because he invented something useful, it’s because he’s been able to make so much money from what is probably a useless invention without ever having to prove that it works.

      1. PJ – I’d like to put a finer point on a statement I made in my response to you: SB will invest in two feature-length infomercial advertising his clinic, but he won’t pay for his clinical trial patients’ care (despite that this is what is usually done), and he hasn’t made it a priority to publish any data redeeming antineoplastons. I think we have enough information to say that SB’s priority is his own quack medical practice and not the well-being of his patients.

  15. This doctors’s story is almost identical to Dr Gerson’s therapy for cancer. Due to persecution here Dr Gerson eventually moved his clinics to Mexico. And I think there is a clinic in europe. His cure was basically through a diet of pure super concentrated veggie drinks. NETFLix has a lot of similar documentaries where the BIG PHARM fights for or against “medicine” of course based on their profit in it- and the people on all these governing boards are in bed with each other. There is a documentary of the harm that prozac has done to many people’s lives but it has full FDA approval. Because those who approved it received big thanks from the Pharm co they also work for.

    1. Dear Lisa
      That’s a bit on the naive side, isn’t it? If there was this miracle cure with just some vegetable drinks and even clinics (although not in the US), don’t you think this cure would be used all over the world? Regardless of what Bad Big Pharma says or outlaws?
      Pot is illegal yet people around the world don’t care at all. Don’t you think they’d care even less about the FDA if it was about curing their cancer?
      And don’t get me started about the FDA suppressing the formula. You’ve read it on the interwebs, they could simply post it there.

  16. “Phase I & II trial results far superior to the comparator chemo & radiation trials.”

    I’m sorry,but given that Burzysnki has never released the results of ANY of the 60-plus phase II clinical trials he claims to have conducted over the past several decades, this statement simply isn’t credible.

    “How much more do want?”
    Well, actual evidence antineoplastins are safe and effective at treating cancer would be nice. Releasing the results of all those clinical trials would be a good start.

    It’s really pretty simple–either Burzynski studies do not represent proof that antieolastins work, or they do prove they work but he’s unwilling to share that proof with the greater medical establishment in order to maintain his monopoly on the treatment and line his own pockets,depriving anyone who can’t pay tens of thousands of dollars access to a cure for their cancer.

    So which do you think it is? Is Burzynskia fraud, or a monster?

  17. In PJ’s comment, he hopes for more patient study results to come in so he can judge the merits on a medical level to convince him of Antineoplaston validation abroad. Here is something I can add to inspire his belief in Burzynski’s treatment.
    Antineoplastions has been evaluated via an ‘Executive Summary’ (ES) presented to the Australian Federal Government Therapeutical Goods Administration (TGA), the equivalent to FDA in the US, and given the ‘Green Light’ to lodge an NDA for Clinical Trials in Australia.
    To receive a green light from the TGA, is no walk in the park, the ES has to contain all the scientific data and patient response to ANP treatment. In other words, the real deal.
    There is a website put up by an Australian patient of Burzynski’s (www.shontellehiron.com) that tells it how it is, and gives you an insight as to what Australian medical professionals consider about the efficacy of Antineoplaston back in 1995.
    There is also a facebook site Australians Behind Burzynski.

  18. Sir,
    If I had ten cents left after my wife passed from breast cancer it would be yours. Our Champ VA insurance paid all but 3 grand but would not pay for anything “unapproved” or untested. I am so grateful to Champ VA for NEVER quibbling with repeated requests for Pet Scan.
    Yet I know my dear bride of 40 years would be alive today had she not been hooked up to those poisons to be sent into a downward spiral that ended any chance to be healthy enough should a suitable treatment been found.
    I too called the Bursynski clinic and was summarily cut off from further contact when I told them I had Champ VA insurance. My repeated attempts to tell them I had property to sell and friend to tap only got me more hang ups and unreturned calls.
    I know ALL cancer clinics operate that way. The only reason they do not appear as callous as Burzynski is that they use conventional poisons that are covered and have the luxury of taking your insurance card – knowing full well all or most of it will be paid.
    As for taking the conventional courses of treatment….you are damned if you don’t and damned if you do. Families are cruel. If a loved one survives 3 years doing nothing…the spouse who encouraged the patient to go for the quality of life will be castigated and hated for not giving her a chance to live forever….had she taken the poison road.
    It is a vicious world we live in.
    Good luck. Please take your own counsel and tell the rest of them to drop dead!

  19. Excuse me all “fraud” and “snakeoil” claimsters out there. You idiots do realize that IV antineoplaston treatment is in Phase IV clinical trials with the FDA, correct?

    MEANING THAT THE FDA HAS CONCEDED THEIR EFFICACY. The crusade against Burzynski has been never-ending. God bless him for having the fortitude to fight against all the clowns in medicine these days.

    Here’s my question. Modern medicine says your child is going to die, nothing we can do. EVERYONE admits that Burzynski’s treatment is not harmful.

    THEN WHY CAN’T THE GOVERNMENT GET OUT OF THE WAY and let parents try to save their children any way possible. To do otherwise is criminal and the feds have BEEN BEYOND criminal here and should be tarred and feathered.


    2. 1. “You idiots” – Are you able to have a debate like an adult?
      2. “is in Phase IV […] correct?” – Not correct. It is in phase III.
      3. “MEANING THAT THE FDA HAS CONCEDED THEIR EFFICACY” – Wrong again, see above.
      4. ” EVERYONE admits that Burzynski’s treatment is not harmful.” – And once more, just plain wrong. Toxic reactions, severe to life threatning, see: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/AboutFDA/CentersOffices/OfficeofGlobalRegulatoryOperationsandPolicy/ORA/ORAElectronicReadingRoom/UCM373967.pdf
      5. “THEN WHY CAN’T THE GOVERNMENT GET OUT OF THE WAY and let parents try to save their children any way possible.” – Because this results in parents getting exploited by quacks and giving them drugs that are not only useless but life threatning? See above.
      Anything else I can help you with?

  20. “You idiots do realize that IV antineoplaston treatment is in Phase IV clinical trials with the FDA, correct?”

    Phase III, actually. Phase IV trials happen after a drug is FDA-approved. Antineoplastons will probably never enter Phase IV trial because SB probably won’t ever be able to prove they are effective against cancer, so they will never be approved. And Stanislaw Burzynski know that, but in the meantime, he wants to profit from giving false hope to sick and dying.


    No, they haven’t, and no, it very much doesn’t mean that. If his drugs WERE in phase IV trials it would mean the FDA has recognized their utility, of course. There are other posts here explaining as much – you should read them before you call people idiots.

    The crusade against Burzynski has been never-ending.

    It’s because Stanislaw Burzynski has evaded his burden of proof shared by all pharmaceutical companies like his. And yes, he owns a pharmaceutical company.

    “EVERYONE admits that Burzynski’s treatment is not harmful.”

    You seem to have been misinformed yet again. Antineoplaston formulations actually have quite a bit of sodium, whish has cause problems in patients.

    “THEN WHY CAN’T THE GOVERNMENT GET OUT OF THE WAY and let parents try to save their children any way possible.”

    The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 is your answer. The FDA is mandated by the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 to “protect the pocketbooks of consumers” by ensuring that worthless drugs cannot be sold. Here, the FDA has not upheld it’s mandate, in fact. Stanislaw Burzynski is a cancer profiteer who continues to legally sell unproven drugs. If you want the government to ‘get out of the way’, you should petition your congressmen to overturn the Foof, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938.

  21. “…they are not interested in sponsoring research into a medicine to which someone else (dr Burzynski in this case) holds the patents.”

    SB is cleared to do the trials. And, despite that his house is worth $6M, he’s charging patients to participate in those trials. Why would he need a sponsor if he’s cleared for the trials and his patients are funding the trials?

    “But are the patients testimonies real? Who makes the selection of these testimonies?”

    SB does, since SB commissioned the movie.

    Why in gods name is it obligated to pay the FDA for their work of judging?”

    That’s how it works – you pay the FDA to evaluate your claim. The payoff is huge – if your drug passes, you get to market it, and insurance companies will start paying for it. It’s like asking why we have to pay for college. It’s because it costs money to evaluate, and someone has to pay. It’s an investment that pays off, if you pass the evaluations.

    “When Burzynski talks of thousands of patient dossiers being taken, how come his so far published studies contain not even a fragment of that amount of patients?”

    It’s because he’s not performing a clinical trial. He’s found a way to dispense worthless drugs without FDA clearing the drug for general use. The movie is ridiculous – it’s meant to distract you from the real problem, which is that SB has had 40 years to demonstrate that antineoplastons work. He has been given permission to do so by the FDA. His patients are expected to pay for their own care out of pocket, providing the funding for the trial. SB is also making a handsome profit, apparent in that he owns a $6M home. You should be frustrated, but this has been going on for decades. SB has the resources and ample opportunity to demonstrate that antineoplastons work. But he hasn’t done it. Instead, he pleads his case in appeals to emotion and anecdotes in feature-length infomercials that he, himself has funded. But it’s a distraction. He’s buying time. As long as he maintains some doubt that he is a cancer profiteer, uninformed people will support him and he’ll continue to prey off on the desperately sick by giving them false hope. He is very smart, but it’s not because he invented something useful, it’s because he’s been able to make so much money from what is probably a useless invention without ever having to prove that it works.

  22. I thought I’d just add in my own two cents. There’s not a whole lot to say that hasn’t been covered elsewhere. My mother was a Burzynski patient – she had stage IV colon cancer. The staff was inept, the treatment they prescribed was no different than what any other oncology department had prescribed (except for the $4,000 monthly Sodium Pb, availably only from Burzynski by the way), our doctor was cold and unresponsive, and our most meaningful relationship was with the billing department.

    Unless you have brain glioma (the only demonstrated area of success at Burzynski), or you have unlimited money and don’t care that insurance doesn’t cover treatment, don’t go here.

  23. John, where has Burzynski published results demonstrating his clinic acheives better outcomes when treating brain gliomas than can be acheived with conventional standard-of-care treatment?

  24. “I say this based on a gestalt of impressions formed while going through the process”

    Bwaahaahahaa. This Dr. B is making cash off of gestalts of impressions in the minds of morons. The American Dream (a lie, of course).

    1. Hello, Woody. Glad to have you contributing…. Since you seem to have a strong opinion about the observational conclusions of others, I’m certain you have hard evidence to support your belief that you know more than others. I’m listening to hear what you have to provide to the conversation….. as are others who are trying to decide what to do after figuring out their disease is terminal….. Hopefully you wo n’t waste our time with a rehashing of current dogma… . Which could be true, I guess. But doesn’t match what I observed….

  25. I just need a definite answer if to take my mom for this treatment or not.Someone tell me wat or who is SB. Why cant she be placed on the antineoplastons right a way? wat qualifies her to be in the clinical trials?

    1. Dear meera a.

      Short answer: Don’t take her there.

      Long answer: seemingly the only way to get into the actual trials is having a certain type of brain cancer with every conventional treatement possibility exhausted. However, even if the drug actually worked (which doesn’t seem likely), she would have to be in a Phase III trial for positive results (again, even if; there are none to be expected).
      Conventional therapy (which is what they provide if you don’t get into a trial) can be done much cheaper at other institutions.
      So, no, don’t take her there. If conventional therapy options are exhausted, ask your oncologist about other trials that are actually promising and haven’t run without any usable results for ten years.
      Best of luck to you and your mom!

  26. Wow, after watching the dr b movie, I was getting excited for a chance at treatment for my stage 4 pancreatic cancer, metastized to my liver. UCSF, & my local doctors say there is nothing…other than cemo drugs that might extend my life a few months. There are so so many claims, Dr. Budwig , simpson oil, baking soda/ ph. Ect.ect. in doing extensive (internet) research, I find that most protocols conflict with each other. The consistent truths seem to be eating healthy, & that our government, medical society, & big pharm. can not afford to allow a cure for cancer. I have had a whipple procedure, prostate removal, & two hernia surgerys in the last 36 months. At 51 yrs old, I am not ready to give up. After reading this blog, my excitement has diminished. Please think long & hard before posting negative feedback on this or any other site, as a positive attitude may be the only chance some of us have.

    1. Hello, Tony D.

      Sorry if this response is late…

      I know the responses on the site can be negative, but I have promised myself to provide a forum for all points of view.

      BUT, most importantly, I want to advise you that the remedies that I have posted on my website are ones that I believe work for some people regardless what the mainstream medicine people say.

      That said, if I were you I would immediately start on a low dose naltrexone and alpha lipoic acid regimen to try to buy yourself time… or better.

      I must – as always – preface what I am saying with the disclaimer that I am a pharmacist, not a physician and/or cancer doc.

      I believe that the low dose naltrexone and alpha lipoic acid regimen that is followed by dr Burt Berkson in New Mexico has a much better chance of helping you than Dr Burzynski.

      If you can’t find someone who can tell you how to mix stuff etc… wherever you live drop me a line. I can tell you how I would do it…

      Anyway, there is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that I would immediately start the protocol that he presents the results of in the links located on one of the low dose naltrexone posts on http://www.thatcrazypharmacist.com.

      In fact, I have cut and pasted info from an e-mail to a friend that gives the links below. Watch the at least the first two videos before you make up your mind that there is no hope for you…

      I hope this helps you. Do NOT give up hope. Do NOT stop fighting.

      Steve Mitchell, RPh (aka ThatCrazyPharmacist)

      http://thatcrazypharmacist.com/?p=446 web page – overview introduction to low dose naltrexone with alpha lipoic acid therapy

      video 1 – http://glasgowldn2009.com/2009/04/ldn-conference-video3/ Case studies – PET Scans, pt histories, results

      video 2 – http://glasgowldn2009.com/2009/04/ldn-conference-presentation-video4/ Talks about how to implement

      video 3 – http://glasgowldn2009.com/2009/05/european-ldn-conference-video1/ Pharmacist talking about her use of LDN

      interview link – Dr Burt Burkson talking about how he got involved with alpha lipoic acid therapy

      web page link – http://thatcrazypharmacist.com/?p=497 history of Dr Bihari’s use of Low Dose Naltrexone to treat patients

      web page link – http://thatcrazypharmacist.com/?p=509 kind of a collection of information about the use of low dose naltrexone to treat MS, history, collaborating links to books and studies, etc….

      1. Steve:
        MAIN THING is I want to find a Dr. near Laguna Hills, California [near Irvine and Anaheim] who is skilled in the Low Dose Naltrexone-Alpha Lipoic Acid Treatment. I assume Burton Berkson and son Arthur are tops, but they’re in New Mexico.
        I’m late stage prostate cancer with bone and lymph met’s and there may not be that much time.
        Please Advise.


        CB Wolf

  27. All the doctors are out for is money.. all of them… that movie cut & Burned is correct… I had stage 3 breast cancer, with a 5cm lump… I did not fit the profile of a breast cancer victim..I breast feed 4 girls, ate garli and onions, no cancer in my family.. but I was told i had cancer because I had a really good insurance company I went through 4 chemo treatments ( with the really bad drugs The one they call red devil) before I wised up I didnt even do the surgery.. my own doctor told me I was killing my self if i didnt finish treatment…I lost my hair never lost any weight, because I think god was watching over me.. anyway to make a long story short… I changed my enitre diet got off anything produced by man and went strictly vegan, and my cancer is GONE.. i have talked to other breast cancer patients who survived and did the same thing as me.. you dont need chemo to survive,.. we get scared when we hear the word CANCER in any form… doctors are not taught this they are just taught to hand out chemo.. GOD does not want you to go through something that is going to harm you I can gurantee you that .. put your faith in god and not man… i spent 100,000 on 4 treatments…. NOW you tell me the doctors and drug makers arent after our money… DO your research people…YES I STAKED MY LIFE ON IT.. sure did.. and i am still here to let others know, that you can survive but only if you really want to change your life..

  28. I wanted to take the time to thank the Crazy Pharamcist for posting his thoughts. I really appreciate it. It’s important for regular people to say what they think. I felt your comments were honest and helpful.

    After seeing both Burzynski movies (I highly recommend them to all) I am firmly in the “I believe Dr Burzynski and I want access to Antineoplastons” camp. If I ever had cancer that would be the first treatment I would want to try. The Gerson therapy would be next. Both non-toxic. I want the right to chose my treatment. Even if the treatment I choose is supposedly snake oil to some, if it’s non toxic, then what’s the big deal? It’s my money, why can’t I spend it on what I want. Why wouldn’t everyone try the non toxic treatments first and then , and only then, resort to the really crazy highly toxic treatments of chemo and radiation. I’m not sure why it bothers the naysayers so much.

    It upsets me that Antineoplastons are not available. I do believe they are being suppressed on purpose because big pharma doesn’t want to lose millions and the FDA is corrupt. I am mad as hell at the FDA. I’d like the head of the FDA to be prosecuted and put in jail for corruption and violating the public trust. The FDA should be protecting society, but instead it’s protecting big pharma. It’s a complete betrayal.

    I have clicked on about 30 different websites about Burzynski, trying to keep an open mind. Some of the sites which are against Burzynski (they have a right to their opinion) are downright nasty. Angry/nasty. They are so nasty, it does make me think that these people are paid to do it. That’s my opinion.

    Someone took the time to film 2 documentaries to show the injustice and the suppression by the industry. Why would someone take the time and money to make a film if it was just snake oil? Have you seen any good 2 hour snake oil films lately? I haven’t. Watch the movie Bursynski 1 and 2 and decide for yourself.

    My last comment is about all of the people saying that Burzynski hasn’t proved that his treatments work, or that he hasn’t satisfied the scientific method. I’m not a scientist, but they address this exact issue near the end of the Burzynski 2 movie. I hope more people will talk about it. They show a Japanese doctor/scientist who did his own antineoplaston trial and showed that it was effective. He talks about how he’s not allowed to release his study due to industry pressures. They show Burzynski saying that “proving” is very complicated, and to do it the way the FDA wants: many patients getting the exact same treatment, they might die because each person’s treatment should be tailored to fit just them. There was the Chinese scientist who left communist China because he was not allowed to speak his mind. And when he get’s to America and sees corruption and suppression of data he really had to think hard and long if he was going to speak his mind, because it was career suicide. He decided that it was more important to speak the truth, than have a good career. What he wanted us to know, and made a big career sacrifice to tell us, was that antineoplastons-work.

    Make up your own mind, but I want antineoplastons available for all, and the FDA to go to hell. Oh, and the insurance companies too. I hope more people will comment about the Burzynski movies.
    Leigh Anderson
    October 2013

  29. As a crazy pharmacist myself, I question the use of many medications and advocate natural therapies (especially Vitamin D). I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer & reading Suzanne Somers book “Knockout”. The peptides make sense. I want in. Some medications of course are helpful- ACE-Inhibitors prevent renal disease in diabetics, statins (new guidelines with lower doses) preventing cardiac disease… make sure you are an informed patient. Doctors are being pulled in all sorts of directions. I believe most mean well, but it is your life.

  30. Is this the quality doctor you’re talking about: http://www.reportingonhealth.org/2014/01/12/qa-liz-szabo-braving-legal-threats-investigate-medical-folk-hero

    The doctor does not mind patients going through mindless chemo JUST to get his treatment. Quality of peptides depends on quality of the animals used (animal pee). But I have never really seen him being transparent with regards to the source of the pee.

    Did anyone asks what has he not given to the FDA? If he is a true hero, he would have made the treatments for affordable.

    I will quote something by someone else of which I am in total agreement with:
    “Burzynski’s 60+ trials failed to provide support for his claim antineoplastons are effective, but he’s deliberately concealing that fact in order to continue attracting clients willing to pay exorbitant fees to receive treatment at his hands. In which case he’s a fraud peddling hope he knows to be false.
    The only other possibility I can envision is that the trials DO indicate that antineoplastons safely and effectively treat advanced stage cancers, but he’s witholding publication to maintain a monopoly on the treatment, thereby deliberately and knowingly denying millions of cancer patients access to a cure for his own financial gain. In which case he’s a monster.”

    1. Kelly kc.. If dr b is a monster because he charges to help or charges to no help in your opinion… What does that make conventional treatment with costs far exceeding dr b treatment, and is proven beyond doubt that it’s harmful to us I.e does more harm than good… The deaths of cancer are probably over shadowed by the actual deaths caused by the the conventional treatment itself but I’m 100% sure there will be no harassment to stop treating patients with totally fatal drugs… Chemo and radiotherapy how can any1 be an advocate against anything when this is what they fight to keep in motoion billion dollar failed drug that makes to much money do actually say enough is enough… For all the strength and willingness you have put into defeating dr b or any 1 else for that matter and focus your strength on the real problem chemo/radiotherapy 97%. Fail fact

  31. It is always easy to say they (the geniuses of our time) are idiots or quacks! After all
    Albert Einstein was an uneducated idiot with no formal education. Galileo was the biggest idiot of all – The audacity of him saying that the earth revolved around the sun. What an f-ing joke! The earth is the center of our galaxy and the sun revolves around us!
    In reality our own government is owned not by the people any longer. Instead it is owned by the largest and most powerful (corrupt) corporations.

    Now that I have your attention, forget about what you are taught to say or think and pull your head out of the sand and think for yourself. Sure there are a lot of quacks and crooks looking to make a quick buck out there. I am sure you are innocent of this as well! We all need to make a living and something new, such as a business, needs funding in order to survive and expand. The government will not fund anything that does not fit in with their constituents plans. i.e. big government funding! Anything that threatens that also threatens the CEO their investors of their lucrative lifestyle. WHY FIND A CURE WHEN WE CAN LIVE LIKE THIS! WHO CARES IF THESE PEOPLE DIE, THEY ARE EXPENDIBLE! BESIDES THERE ARE MORE WHERE THEY COME FROM AND IT DOESN’T COST US A DIME!

    Dr. Burzynski can’t get federal funding like the greedy corporations get. So in order for him to expand and increase funds for extensive research he needs to charge for the services. But one day he could be heralded as the one who did what no other doctor could or would do for humanity. So do not dismiss him as a quack as so many had done with others that gave us the technologies, vaccines (cures), and discoveries we take for granted and use today.

    As for Matt – WAKE UP DUMMY!

    1. Einstein had a PhD, Copernicus (not Gallileo) started heliocentrism, and the Burzynski Clinic is a corporation. Burzynski’s trials have a green light from the FDA and his patients pay for their own treatment, so why does he need funding exactly? Also, the federal govenment doesn’t fund drug trials, not for “big greedy corporations”, and not for small greedy corporations like the Burzynski clinic. Pretty much everything you said is false, so who’s the dummy?

  32. I’ve had many patients travel to Texas for the miracle horse urine cure offered by SB. Kids with brain tumors. The ones antineoplastins are supposed to work for. Not a single one is alive today. Their families, however, are all a whole lot poorer.

    Stan and his fans crack me up. The movie is a hoot. Without the internet he’d be just another shyster, but instead he’s a world-renowned quack. I can only hope he is enjoying this life. There will come a day of reckoning …

    1. The movies are recent, the Doctor has been around 35 years, someone finally made a movie to reveal the truth, it WORKS PEOPLE !

  33. Right let me put things together. Someone here mentioned that antineoplastins are created from a horse pee??? Plus maybe combinated with phenylbut. So if that treatment really works for those brain tumour affected people then why don’t you anyone with cancer try to drink that horse pee? I know it sounds discussting but hey what about if this cheap therapy will work? Myself I had very bad acne in my teenage and nothing helped me at all after my friend said to me to try to put child’s pee on my face so as I had not child that time I puted my own and you know what? It worked I get rid of my acne. So that’s why am thinking about Burzynski pee treatment that actually it could work. It’s been a week when some lump was found on my father’s lung. It’s 14 mm and its at the bottom of his right lung. Don’t know yet if positive or negative so they sent him now to biopsy ct scan but he is worry about that with this treatment they will awake asleep cysts and doesn’t want to know that is positive and scared about chemo and radiation and passing away 🙁 after this reading I will let him know about SB and maybe he will be the first who will try that nasty thing either anyone of you. I think a pint of beer with a half cup of HP will not make him sick lol. Anyway thanks for any suggestions on n this site.
    Good luck and be healthy…

    1. So let me get this right – you are certain that antineoplastons work for cancer because they’re found in urine, and urine cleared up your acne?

  34. This post is going to be cut and paste to several forums.

    This post would have been hard for me to write a few months ago, because I sincerely believed that although I had a negative experience at the Burzynsky Clinic, I still believed he was a good man with a promising cancer treatment, therefore I did not want to say anything that would deter anyone from seeking his treatment.

    Now Im pissed. Let the shaming begin. This man stole my money and is %100 responsible for me not being able to seek any other medication for my cancer.

    Long story as short as possible. I am a 34 year old mother of two small children with stage four breast cancer. After very very careful research I decided to fly from Canada to Texas to seek Burzynski’s treatment. Now please keep in mind I had a very small, two month premature baby boy at home and so was ADAMANT to their administration that I would NOT do chemo/radiation or surgery, and to please not make me leave my family for several weeks if that was all they were going to offer. They PROMISED that even if I didn’t qualify for anti-neoplatons, that I would be treated with the gene targeted therapy and NO chemo.

    I also asked if they had everything they needed medical wise (CAT scans / MRI/ Blood etc) as those things are covered in Canada, and If they needed more information than they had, I would get the scans here.

    No, they have everything they need was the answer. EFFING lies.

    So I fly down, and pay them $20,000 UP FRONT for care. I am immediately told to go get scans (thousands of dollars) from the people THEY recommend. Interesting.

    Lets skip forward a week…I am brought into the office and told I don’t qualify for anti-neoplastons. “what do you offer me then,” was the question.
    “surgery, radiation and chemo” was their answer.

    When I repeated that I was against the standard care, and only believed in alternative, Greg Burzynsky tells me “they don’t recommend alternative therapies.” I am shocked and tell them they ARE alternative, to which I am greeted with silence, a huff, and a look of annoyance.

    All of that is forgivable. Shit happens. What is not forgivable is that I was promised a full reimbursement of my $20,000 last September 2015. At the time of me writing this it is almost February 2016.

    I called their office once or twice a week for MONTHS….with NO response. I left emails without one reply. Not once.
    I left messages with the head of their finance department , Patrick, PLEADING for the money so that I could continue with cancer therapy here at home. I left messages CRYING that I was a young mother given six months to live…and without my money I could NOT get any further treatments as that was all the money I had.


    Two months ago I did finally receive a call from Patrick saying the funds were on their way. That was the only phone call. No money. They have a dozen emails from me, not one response. Now the panic has set in with the realization that this “great” man….this “hero”…this man who says the FDA is responsible for the death of many of his patients because they deny them access to his medicine…is in fact responsible for a young mother not being able to access further medical care.

    The burzynsky clinic lied to me…got me there under false pretences, then stole tens of thousands of dollars. Im sure in time, with expensive lawyers I will get the money back. But by then it may be to late. Perhaps I will have it in time to cover funeral expenses. And that is not meant for dramatic effect, that is the honest truth.

    1. The crazy thing is that True Believers will ignore your story in favor of anecdotes that confirm their beliefs. Why is it so hard to believe that Burzynski, a guy who’s known to be dishonest in business, is also a dishonest doctor/scientist?

    2. I completely agree! My father had stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer with a high gleason score (9-10) which was diagnosed in 2006. His oncologist said surgery was considered useless since the cancer had spread. Chemo and radiation were the only options give to him for palliative care (shrink the tumor but not to cure). We were devastated with the news. After extensive online research for alternative therapy, we found the Burzynski clinic. After our 1st visit, everyone seemed to be very friendly. They gave me a list of previous prostate cancer patients who went through their treatment to contact. After speaking with these patients, we were convinced that this treatment would be helpful for my dad and we were given hope again. Several months passed and a whole lot of money, the cancer was still there but they said it was encouraging because there was no evidence of cancer progression. Dr Burzynski only attended one MD visit with my dad upon my request, and I asked him point blank on what is the percentage of the success rate with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer with a high gleason score (9-10). He couldn’t really tell me and said something vague, and he said to look up his paper on prostate cancer. The success rates were not convincing, although his foreign MD staffs (who didn’t seem very knowledgable) tried to motivate us to continue the therapy for a breakthrough. They also gave my dad 1 dose of Avastin, which we were told was not really chemo, and my dad ended up in the hospital with CHF. Very horrific! Fortunately he recovered from the CHF. After some research, Avastin was indeed a strong chemo drug. Like I said, the doctors did not seem very knowledgeable. In hind site, I don’t think they correctly interpreted the PET scans, as these MDs were not trained oncologists. It seemed as if they were blindly giving us feedback that my dad’s tumor was slowly shrinking. But after almost a year on antineoplastin, my dad’s cancer seemed to have progressed and we spent well over $120,000 out of pocket. We were desperate at the time and my dad’s life was priceless. They knew that, and gave us false hope and most especially took advantage of us financially. The financial department were also not very responsive. They are running a big scam and taking advantage of folks with different advanced cancers. I think the antineoplastin therapy may be effective with the brain cancers, but I can’t say first hand. Please consider being forewarned and stay far away from the Burzynski clinic if you don’t have brain cancer (gliobastoma), and save your money on something more effective. I hope you or your loved one who is fighting cancer the very best and may you find a successful treatment. I know a couple folks who were able to beat their cancer with cannabis oil and laetrile but it depends on the type of cancer cells you have, so please do your thorough research.

      1. My sweet dad took his last breath on August 14, 2009. I wish I knew about cannabis oil back then. It would have been less expensive in comparison to Burzynski clinic and some of the Mexican clinics, and probably had a better success rate.

  35. I find it interesting people think of a cash pay facility as a scam. The entire American medical industry is a scam. Do people think conventional American hospitals aren’t money hungry machines? You’re paying outrageous insurance premiums because hospitals are paying hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, even millions for traditional chemotherapy and all other treatments. The first thing they ask for is your insurance card. Just because your insurance card is paying for it doesn’t mean the doctors aren’t getting paid tons of money for your treatment. Dr Burzynski’s methods aren’t covered by traditional insurance because there is not enough money in it for the industry. So you have to pay out of pocket. Why is this a scam? Do you want them to hold your hand and say, “oh, I’m so sorry you’re dying, you poor thing, ok, you don’t have to pay” ? They have to get paid, they have bills and expenses like everyone else. Of course they want to be paid up front. Just like conventional doctors want to call your insurance company and verify coverage before they start treatment!

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