Revici’s Patents

I must be truthful with you. Dr Emanuel Revici’s textbook is damned hard to read, and it’s even harder to  keep yourself oriented to what he’s talking about at any particular moment… At least it was and is for me.

Making it even more difficult is the fact that you MUST have his corrections sheet or you will NEVER get his diagnostic tables to work out right – and as far as I know, my site is the only place other than the book I scanned it out of, that you will find a copy.

But, his U.S. Patents are extremely clear and concise. It is as if he left his recipes for anyone smart enough to track them down and use them. And the explanations of some of his theories are much easier to keep track of in his patents.

Because there seems to be a lot of interest in Dr Revici among those who visit this site, I’m going to upload copies of some of his patents – with my annotations on them – so that you who are interested can see if it makes more sense that way…..

You can find them here:


TSEL Patent

SECOL Patent

BS Patent

Tung Oil Deficient

Neoplastic Symptoms Patent

AntiNeoplastic Form Patent


You can find a copy of the errata sheet for his book here..



As always, I’ve done my best to interpret Dr Revici’s patents… but I am not Dr Revici, and I don’t guarantee that I got it right… Hopefully, you will find the information helpful.




29 thoughts on “Revici’s Patents

  1. “After study of the literature and other available information, the American Cancer Societv has found no evidence that the Revici Method results in objective benefit in the treatment of cancer in human beings. Lacking such evidence, the American Cancer Society strongly urges individuals with cancer not to seek treatment with the Revici Method.” (from CA – A Cancer Journal for Physicians. March/April 1989. 39(2) 119-122.)

  2. The biggest mistake Revici made was to be too far ahead of his time. He discovered the benefits of Omega 3 oil long before anyone else had a clue; as well as at least 100 other important discoveries, including how to effectively treat cancer. And all this happened over 60 years ago!

    He never tuned a patient away due to a lack of money, and taught any doctor willing to learn. The medicines that he invented were cheap and incredibly effective. And his reward? His research was constantly suppressed and his name was discredited by the medical industry (the AMA, ACS, FDA etc.). By suppressing this knowledge, millions of deaths and untold suffering are the result.

    How and why this happened? Find out by reading the articles on this website, as well as the book written about him. There is a 3-part Townsend Letter article that you can read for free online as well. Don’t blindly accept the ‘official’ story, as the close-minded skeptic above has. Don’t immediately accept (without thinking it through) your doctor’s “medicine”, which consists of toxic and ineffective radiation and chemotherapy, which has made hardly a dent since its use has been employed. In fact, chemotherapy has barely made a 2% difference* in over 70 years of experimentation on people.

    Do your own research. Don’t blindly accept the status quo, or to give in to fear tactics. Think for yourself. It’s your life. You have choices, and your doctor may not know what’s best for you…

    *Morgan G, Ward R, Barton M. The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies. National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2013.

  3. If you have cancer, and you’re reading this looking for answers, it is a fact that the the American Cancer Society considers the Revici method to be a worthless therapy. It is also a fact that the vast majority of doctors consider the ACA to be a highly credible source of information.

  4. Michael…. why on earth would ANYONE believe the crap the American Cancer Society or any of the ‘official’ news sources for cancer treatment guidelines has to say about cancer rates and treatment efficacy?

    What a failure. The war on cancer. So much bullshit.

    Reminds me of the techniques the germans used as they marched the jews to their deaths….

    ‘David Forman, bead of the IARC Section of Cancer Information, the group that compiles the global cancer data for the U.N.’s World Health Organization, said Thursday the increase in cancer was largely fueled by an increased of women diagnosed with and dying from breast cancer.’
    Read more:

  5. You contradicted nothing that I wrote above. It is a fact that the ACS considers Revici ‘therapy’ to be worthless and that most nedical doctors consider the ACS to be a credible source of information about cancer and cancer treatment. I would imagine that’s more than the number who consider “Roger” and Steve Mitchell to be credible sources of information about cancer and cancer treatment.

    Godwin’s law achieves unity in four comments! That escalated quickly.

  6. Now, now, Michael… no need to throw personal attacks into the posts. THAT could get your sorry you-know-what deleted….

    Roger and I are not the enemy, cancer is.

    I don’t know about Roger’s background, but I’m pretty certain I know more about conventional and unconventional cancer treatments than you do… Or over 99 percent of the people who come to this website. In fact, I guarantee that this is the case.

    And, Michael, I don’t remember reading anywhere in the posting about Revici claims that his methods cured cancer. Although there are many who believe he achieved success often. Did you read that claim somewhere?

    The owner of the website is providing information for people to study and review… because some people believe there is information worth studying there. And, if you were familiar with Dr Revici’s works, you would know that studying his theories is a major undertaking…. Not something that the average cancer patient could undertake and master. The owner also funds this site privately, and allows your posts to remain also… even your most recent one… and this one…

    Perhaps, Michael, you can cite a plethora of successes in the war on cancer? Other than the reductions achieved by smoking cessation and screenings? Numerous breakthroughs in treatment successes? 5 year survival rates skyrocketing through the roof and cancer rates dropping?

    No? Guess not.

    And, you can authoritatively comment on the details of any alternative cancer providers’ protocols and where they might or might not have had some thread of connection to what we know about this family of diseases today?

    No? Guess not.

    And, I suppose you have reviewed all the anecdotal accounts of positive outcomes to treatments that remain denied and unexplained? Including those detailed in the congressional record and in reports published by the u.s. government?

    Still a no? Hmm…

    Or, maybe you’ve extensive experience talking to cancer patients under treatment and viewing the results of those treatments on their quality of life and longevity?

    I don’t know… you might… but I’m guessing this is a no too.

    Because people who mix the drugs and watch the carnage have a hard time reconciling the failures with the costs that are being placed on the patients, their families, and the system.

    So, I’ll stand by what I said… there are no breakthroughs despite billions of our dollars being thrown into the current piece of crap we call the war on cancer, and there is no reason to believe what the American Cancer Society says about cancer treatments’ efficacy … using either their treatments or others’.

    After all. they are among the ones telling us we’re making so much progress….. when a review of the data presented through their own sources proves this is not the case..

    And, I’ll stand by my comparison to the assurances they gave the jews as they walked through the doors into the showers…. don’t worry… we know what we’re doing… it’s going to be uncomfortable, but it will get better….

  7. None of that addresses my point. Also, you have some opinion of yourself.

    To any cancer patient who is lookimg for answers: Steve has not refuted that the ACS, an organization which most physicians consider to be a credible source for information about cancer and cancer treatment, after reviewing the merits of Revici therapy, has determined that Revici therapy is worthless.

    Steve: Where did I tout my expertise? You’re again arguing against points I didn’t make. I correctly pointed out that more physicians trust cancer information from the ACS than from you. It’s a true statement, and it speaks to the topic, (in stark contrast to your last comment). You can delete my comments for that if you want, or even just for generally opposing your point of view. Hell, it’s your blog, you don’t even need a reason to delete my comments – even if it’s just so you can unopposedly waste cancer patients’ time by touting therapy that credible organizations consider to be worthless.

    You know, there’s so much good cancer research going on, I just don’t understand why you dismiss all of it out of hand in favor of this Revici and Burzynski nonsense. The US spends >$4 billion on cancer research every year so, regardless of your opinion, there’s a lot of work going on. The “War on Cancer” is a political slogan that you’re using (as I understand it) to discredit all of those people who really are in it to make a difference. The real battles happen in the labs and in the doctors offices, and you’ve decided ALL of it is what, misguided? Maybe there is some big conspiracy to keep people sick – who knows? There probably isn’t but even if there is, there’s good, honest people trying to develop better therapies, and good, honest doctors trying every therapy they ethically can. You asked me about successes. How about the HPV vaccine? Why don’t you tell me how Gardisil isn’t an amazing triumph of ingenuity and an effective prophylactic for cervical cancer?

    So why are you so taken by what you surely know is probably snake oil? The Burzynski thing – you don’t even know if he really found any of those compounds missing in cancer patients’ blood. No one has reproduced that “discovery”, so it’s probably just false. And now with this Revici thing – what does “achieved success” even mean if not a cure? It reminds me of Enzyte’s convenient euphemism “male enhancement” which, on the surface seems like an effort to describe their product without getting graphic, but it’s really a ploy to sell a product without making a concrete claim. Why don’t you get involved in the real thing, Steve? Seriously, you care a lot about this, and you’re motivated, so be a part of finding better treatment instead of poring over these antiquated protocols that just never panned out – most likely because they don’t work?

  8. That was supposed to be “…and you’re motivated, so why not be a part of finding better treatment…”
    The question mark should make more sense now.


    U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Unconventional Cancer Treatments.

    Michael, your posts are welcome as long as you don’t personally attack other people. Your point of view is as valid in the debate as others, but no more valid.

    I have no problem with the researchers working to find solutions. I have no problem with the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others who toil tirelessly…

    But, Michael, their patients are dying. They are not making breakthroughs. Patients are dying, by and large, at the same rate they died years ago. And their treatments kill many of them. Quite frankly, a very large percentage would live just as long and have a better overall quality of life if they did nothing.

    I can’t sit by and endorse this situation. You believe the propaganda you are fed. I do not anymore.

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    I am engaged…. fully engaged… in the areas of research that interest me. I’m not wasting any more time than a lot of others I know who are working in the traditional research labs.

  10. Thank you for that 24-year old document. Is that supposed to prove that Revici therapy is credible? All contemporary and credible cancer organizations (most run by the doctors you claim to respect) still say Revici “therapy” is worthless.

    I didn’t attack anyone and you know it. You not liking what I say or how I say it doesn’t constitute a personal attack. I can’t help that my true statements hurt your ego. Why don’t we dispense with the false accusations then, shall we?

    “They are not making breakthroughs.”
    Oh, OK. They are, it’s just that you don’t know about any of them. You might try reading literature published less than 24 years ago.

    “I am engaged…. fully engaged… in the areas of research that interest me.”
    Yeah, I was more talking about research that could possibly help people in the future, not some old idea that never beat a placebo, and likely never will.

    “Patients are dying, by and large, at the same rate they died years ago.”
    Wrong again, by and large. Ovarian cancers and a few others are still tough to beat, but cancer case fatality rates are very much declining overall. For real, you should read current stuff.

    “And their treatments kill many of them.”
    Wow, pure speculation and hyperbole there. Certainly not demonstrably true in general. It’s called malpractice in rare cases when it is demonstrable. “Many of them” is a huge overstatement. Doctors that kill patients with medications get sued.

    “Quite frankly, a very large percentage would live just as long and have a better overall quality of life if they did nothing.”
    Wrong again. Quality of life is tough to measure, but they would “live just as long”? Not true. To market a drug, drug companies have to demonstrate efficacy in terms of survival. Why don’t you tell me what that “very large percentage” is, and where you got it? Because I feel like you just invented that.

    Real research, Steve. Get involved with something that could actually help people, and stop making these baseless ideological excuses, if you care so much. Just because you lost hope for a miracle cure doesn’t mean no progress has been or can be made. It may look like a snail’s pace to people who are suffering now, but it IS worth it to do real research. Maybe there’s not much docs can offer current sufferers, and I never said the options are awesome, but without real research (not this Revici and Burzynski pseudoscience), we’ll have no more to offer to future patients than we have to offer patients today. Yes, people are dying now, but Revici and Burzynski (and you, by promoting them) only offer false hope, wasted time and money, and no better outcome. Why not give a future patient a non-zero shot at remission by getting involved in work that might amount to something? Something based on real science perhaps?

  11. Hi guys been trying to get in contact with Steve . I have said this elsewhere there are some non medicinal alternatives to cancer treatment .
    Steve would love if you could drop us an email would really be grateful

  12. bindweed extract, once a day for one year, cured one woman of ovarian c….
    wormwood bond to iron being studied
    real cures, don’t know how many, but GEORGE CAIRNS Woodstock IL, used dandelion root 1/2 tsp a day for 6 months or more he tells how to process it he gives his phone number out on internet said he was inspired in a dream about the herb says store bought does not work the dirt on the roots with all the microbes, is Important to build IMMUNITY, he collects in October but any time of year is fine he says
    then have to slice roots to 1/4 ” and dehydrate in sun or dehydrator below 100 degrees then you can grind in blender or coffee grinder
    at first he hand pulverized, but now uses coffee grinder
    read the whole thing on the web typing name and address
    that he gives his phone number out and was told in his dream, not to charge a
    penny for it, and not use store bought dandelion but to collect it yourself with the dirt just knocked off before dehydrating and then some of the testimonials
    is what impressed me

  13. Enjoyed listening to you on One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone 8 July 2014.
    I am the director of the Cellular Matrix Study, an independent research project studying the return sulfur to the diet of man. 300,000 study members who call us from 47 countries.
    The sulfur cycle has been broken world wide since 1960, not an opinion due to the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers.
    You mentioned Aspirin at the end of the show, the first patented drug, Fredrich Bayer tired of making dies for maladies dresses synthesized white willow bark from coal tar.
    30 years later with all the money from Aspirin, chemical fertilizer from the same coal tar of the Black Forest.
    WW1, WW2, Hitler must ring a bell, Alzheimer’s and Cancer?
    Our study has lost one man in 15 years, John Benson, author “Taxation without
    Representation” died on the Fourth of July, sulfur was not the cause.
    Every advertised drug even the injectables and over the counter pill or capsule have
    been replaced voluntarily thousands of times, or DCd by their doctors.
    801-290-2013 is the Study.
    Revici’s patients had sulfur in their diet.

  14. Hey Patrick,
    Do people typically just concede the argument after you finish saying such nonsense? If they do, it’s because your statements are non-sensical, not because you’ve made a valid point. Please tell me how any of one your sentences relate to any other sentence you’ve written above.

    Different topic: are you saying that methionine and cysteine don’t contain sulfur, or are you saying that crops and livestock no longer make proteins containing methionine and cysteine? I’ll give you a hint: neither is true, and your “not enough sulfur in a normal diet” hypothesis is not supported by evidence. Hell, why am I being so polite? Let’s start over – Your argument, your “study”, and pretty much everything you said above is pure and baseless bullshit.

    Since you like non-sequiturs, and as I implied above, your “Cellular Matrix Study” is an e-commerce site, and not a study. You sell sulfur supplements. Why don’t you tell me what your group has ‘studied’, if anything and what peer-reviewed work you’ve published, if any? Any study worth doing is worth doing rigorously, because rigor allows you to demonstrate (not just imply) your findings, publish in a respected journal, and be taken seriously by the scientific community. But maybe you’re another Brave Maverick whose voice and product are being suppressed by the US FDA, Big Pharma and the Koch brothers. Based on the content of your site, you seem to be the CEO of an online retailer, not the “director” of some “study”. Which is fine, of course (if only you sold things people actually needed), but it means that you’ve called it a ‘study’ when it’s really not. Many people call that “capitalism”, but some call it “dishonesty”; they’re probably both right.

    But then again, you can’t profit from telling people to eat cabbage, broccoli, onions, several sources of protein, etc., can you? It’s more profitable if you can sell people a pound of over-priced “organic sulfur” after you convince them they need it.

    tl;dr: Patrick McGean wants to sell you sulfur supplements you don’t need, and he can because Health Canada refuses to sufficiently regulate woo. Did I say woo? I meant “neutraceuticals”.

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  20. It’s also a fact that Ptolemy’s theory that the Sun revolved around the Earth was a treated as a fact for 1,500 years and he was the authority that all the experts looked to. And it’s a fact that Galileo was persecuted for his theory.

    Appealing to the norm, tradition, or authority is just lazy. Authorities with huge vested interests are questionable.

    Hopefully it won’t take 1500 years for Dr. Revici’s ideas to get a fair hearing and many are being used with giving him credit.

  21. It is also a fact that the ACS was and is wrong about Revici’s seminal work.

    The ACS never tested Revici’s method of curing cancer. What they did instead was to smear Revici prior to the release of his book in their magazine that was sent to doctor’s offices.

    So of course doctors accepted their stance although the ACS stance was based on zero research.

    Read chapter 23 of “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer” for more information on this topic.

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